Understanding Hormonal Acne

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  • AcnePractice says:

    Hey @Muhammed, feel free to call or email anytime at acnepractice . com.
    thanks, -Dr. Neal

  • azesal InsideI says:

    Hi, i am a 24 year old guy from Norway and saw a couple of your videos.
    I can tell that you know what you are talking about, however. I think we
    all know that what you put into your body or how you treat your skin is a
    big factor. My question to you is –

    What really IS the problem? I have tried both accutane AND a total
    lifestyle change. where i have read nutrition books and based everything on
    logic when it comes to products, workout, and real healthy food. I have a
    overall better skin than before but i can’t quite crack this nut.

    For anyone reading this. The things that have healped me the most is more
    what to stay away from rather than what to do.

    Try staying away from.

    – Butter (use healthy oil instead)
    – Milk or dier product
    – Alcohol
    – White bread
    – Go to bed before shower after workout
    – Any “common” commercial product (easy fix such as proactive ect)
    – scrubs (on acne)

  • A L Gilbert says:

    I love the perspective. So now, what do I do to balance my skin?

  • Muhammed Baloum says:

    Hey, im 15 years old and i have lots of mini bumps on my forehead , could
    you help me what should i do about it? it never goes away.

  • YourFashion Wiz says:

    thank so much , just watched the video , so helpful , you give me hope my
    acne will get better someday!

  • beth daniels says:

    have you tried a chemical peel? theres also lazer surgery. if you go to a
    salon, they have a number of treatments 🙂

  • AcnePractice says:

    hello, see the “Understanding Dark Marks and Red Marks” video on the home
    page of AcnePractice . com to learn more about these marks. -Dr. Neal

  • utopiachild71 says:

    Thank you this is very informative. Now I know why my doc rolled his eyes
    when I said I had hormonal acne. I was put on spironolactone (sp?) and it
    made my breasts very tender to the point where they hurt all the time. 3
    months later and it did nothing for my skin but my doc kept telling me to
    stick with it. I decided physical pain was worse than the acne so I quit
    taking it and I’m trying to balance my hormones better naturally. I’ve
    started a vegetable garden and plan on juicing every day.

  • emeraldsunsets says:

    Ok I watched the video. Im not trying to be negative, but PCOS did
    contribute to acne. I have it under control now. What I asked on another
    video is, is there anything natural and over the counter that can decrease
    the scars on my skin from the previous acne. I have tried vitamin E and
    cocoa butter for a month. It worked slightly, but the scars still show
    through my makeup foundation and concealer. I very rarely wear makeup. I’d
    rather the scarring disappear so I don’t need makeup.

  • CalebRodvaz says:

    Hi, so then if I know that the cause of my acne is due to hormonal factors.
    Then what is the best solution for this? I understand that its plain acne .
    . . but I havent been able to find anything that has reduced my breakouts.
    Thank you!

  • yeeaaabuddy says:

    are any of your treatment centres in the uk?

  • AcnePractice says:

    hello, I talk about food in a video called, “Understanding Food and Acne”
    The approach in this practice is to build total control and resilience.
    Fear and strict food restriction can create anxiety, hopelessness, and
    frustration. I’ll be on the site if you need, -Dr. Neal

  • gbritaney says:

    The weird thing about me is that I don’t break out during my period. It’s
    so weird my skin is almost close to perfection during my period. I break
    out a couple days before my period and then it goes away the day of my
    period within a day..nothing crazy though.

  • AcnePractice says:

    the “Understanding Dark Marks and Red Marks” video may help as well.

  • AcnePractice says:

    strange coincidence. I think his is schultz. One generation difference, in
    many ways.

  • Rosemarie Armentrout says:

    I watched the entire video. Still confused on what causes ‘plain old acne’.
    If spikes in hormones are just an aggravator, which has been repeated too
    many times in the video, then what’s the main cause? Not really a helpful
    video, sorry.

  • Idunno myname says:

    Hi, I have acne since 13 years old. It was not that bad. Now I have 22
    years old and its getting worse. When I was taking oral contraceptives my
    skin was almost perfect. But the pills caused me migraine, so I stopped
    taking them. Now, I start my sexual activity again and casually, the acne
    is coming back and worse. Now I have chin and jaw acne. Is this hormonal
    acne? How can I treat it without birth control pills?

  • meisterhall says:

    Thank you for your video

  • AcnePractice says:

    hello, I teach people not to hope and wait for chronic ailments to go away.
    You sometimes have to “inactivate” them with great skill and weaponry. I’ll
    be at acnepractice . com if you need. -Dr. Neal

  • AcnePractice says:

    hello, The video is to help with the misconception of “hormonal acne” For
    “the cause of acne”, see the lower home page at acnepractice . com. Let me
    know if that post helps. thanks, -Dr. Neal

  • AcnePractice says:

    hello, check out the video called, “Understanding 3D Scars” I’m on the site
    if you need. -Dr. Neal acnepractice . com

  • Lexi Cruz says:

    I dont get black heads or white heads offen. I just have red marks on the
    sides of my cheeks and i dont know how to get ride of them!

  • AcnePractice says:

    hello, that’s very common. Around the period time = “the period” in this
    conversation. (i.e. once a month) I’ll be on the site if you need, -Dr.

  • AcnePractice says:

    hello, It’s not always a quick fix. We have a comprehensive program at
    acnepractice . com if you need us. See the video case gallery to see what
    is now possible. thanks, -Dr. Neal


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