Turmeric Face Mask Pack For Acne Treatment and Clear glowing Skin SuperPrincessjo Skincare

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14 Responses to Turmeric Face Mask Pack For Acne Treatment and Clear glowing Skin SuperPrincessjo Skincare

  • SuperPrincessjo says:

    Turmeric face mask for clear healthy skin

  • Shy Sakura says:

    I have super oily skin with some pimples and dark spots will the tumeric
    face mask work or should i try something else ? Any suggestions

    I use covergirl cream foundation to cover it is it bad for my skin ? 

  • Audrey Talon says:

    How are you soooo pretty? By the way, I just subscribed. :)

  • summerlandmisfit says:

    I absolutely love your makeup.

  • jude priyantha says:

    Thanks for sharing your beauty tips

  • yallipop says:

    finally a recipe with no milk….milk is not good for your face apparently

  • Jermin Gigi says:

    You are amazing and very inspiring. Please do a video on how to get rid of
    body scars on the legs and skin burns please helpppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  • hawo Salah says:

    How much will be cost me the turmeric amd the gram 

  • denisa tomsha says:

    The HEREPA. com system is very practical.

  • mymiracle79 says:

    Hi, I have question. I ordered multani mitti from India ( from etsy). Why
    is the color different than aztec and other American brands. I truly want
    to be an educated consumer. I ordered from them figuring they have been
    using this centuries before it became commercialized. I think you in
    advance. Also I notice when come to this product and sandlewood (as well as
    others) you do not see indian woman using American brands.

  • edith lopez says:

    Can you write down the ingridients for me plz..
    Thanks :)

  • sharmin reza says:

    Sorry I couldnt understand the 1st ingredient was it ground flour u

  • Jasmine brown says:

    Her skin is beautiful 

  • Fiza Tariq says:

    actually i have acne om forehead so should i use this mask or no i m only


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