Treating Teenage Acne – 10 Tips/Tricks – How To Help Teens With Acne

MORE ACNE HELP VIDEOS HERE!!!! Treating Adult Acne/MORE TIPS TAHT MAY HELP YOU: When Should You See A Doctor For A…

23 Responses to Treating Teenage Acne – 10 Tips/Tricks – How To Help Teens With Acne

  • Hung Kinh says:

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  • miss girly girl says:

    1:16 it start

  • Jillian Tay says:

    Do not seem to understand that acne is a genetic, hormonal disease

  • Cecille Bibiloni says:

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  • patricia bok says:

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  • Lana Roberts says:

    HOW are you still alive?

  • Shammi Akhter says:

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  • Ohsnap Osei says:

    same heree. gonna stop doin tht now that i kno

  • Mark Harrison says:

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  • Dj Hottspinz says:

    vid starts at 1:16

  • Dexter Haven says:

    Look who’s talking about hate. Go lecture someone else. I’m concerned about
    quality. You are concerned with bashing constructive criticism. Find
    something more useful to do than vent your hate at critics.

  • blooberrymadness says:

    Crap!! Your face is perfect!!!

  • Dexter Haven says:

    0:52 You are right back to the starting point again. The preamble was all
    beating around the bush, a waste of the viewer’s time. An aplogy may be in

  • igor petrov says:

    hey you look much prettier without make up. just saaying!:D

  • Kitty Vera says:

    How can you not pick when you have that disgusting white head?? D=

  • kb1gemini says:

    lmfao you’re so right!!!! XDDD

  • Simona Patrascu says:

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  • SheSays1027 says:

    Hello I know you have been fighting against acne and you are the guru that
    can relate with people with acne. Coujld you letme know your opinion of
    proactive ? I also heard that % aloe vera gel is good for acne!? PLEASE

  • Meena Leanne says:

    The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Treatment works sooooooooooooooo well!

  • Gabi Erickson says:

    such a beauty! acne or not. personality and everything is beautiful.

  • catpurple3 says:

    do you have a video on how to get rid of scares from acne

  • Jaclyn Troughton says:

    what high lighter do you use?

  • Caitlin Smith says:

    i have very oily skin and i was wondering if theres anyway to get rid of or
    minimise the oil on my face? Also i was wondering wouldnt moisturizers add
    even more oil??


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