Tip #32: “Quickie” Banana Peel Skin Treatment (Acne, Rashes, Burns, Warts)

Banana peels are not just for the old “slip and fall” gag anymore. This tip will show you how to use banana peels to treat skin conditions from acne to warts…
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http://www.portaleducacao.com.br/farmacia/cursos/68/curso-de-estetica-facial-acne-e-despigmentacao O curso aborda a anatomia, fisiologia da pele, mecanismos …
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23 Responses to Tip #32: “Quickie” Banana Peel Skin Treatment (Acne, Rashes, Burns, Warts)

  • Cupcakers says:

    I heard Banana peels can remove moles, but do you know if it leaves a
    mark??? D:

  • Jesus Charnichart says:

    Nice ty.

  • Aldo Lalo says:

    How long do I have to leave it on before I rinse?

  • Citra Anjani says:


  • Emily Najera says:

    Thank you it helped a lot :)

  • Man Lee says:

    Is eczema a type of rash?

  • Sonny Mazzettia says:

    You’re beautiful

  • Cassandra Cox says:

    Washing off the banana immediately afterwards renders the treatment
    ineffective…you need to leave it on for MINIMUM 10-15 minutes

  • Paul Walker says:

    it’s crazy how banana peel can actually cure many skin conditions because
    of its tremendous properties. WOW! i know now why monkeys don’t have any
    acne on their skin. the secret is all in the banana! LOL! :D

  • Preston Jones says:

    Man I’m finding out all kinds of awesome facts about fresh produce. From
    eating it to using it topically. I’m a bit overwhelmed with what some of
    the superfoods you can buy can do. I wish I would have learned about it
    sooner. I switched to a shampoo that is plant based and doesn’t use any
    sulfides, petroleum or other harsh agents. I almost wish there was a creme
    that used all the foods and oils that are good for the skin in one vial so
    it would be easy to put on. I’m just noticing, the other day in the mirror,
    my first wrinkle under my eye which I’m not sure what to do about. All I
    have been using so far is extra virgin olive oil and vaseline on the face.
    Even then I still wonder about the authenticity of the oil, cause I heard
    some fake olive oils are very common.
    I know that it’s inevitable, that the skin just can’t keep up to repair
    itself. I only started being conscientious about my skin in the last year,
    before that, it was all fast food, processed junk and sun screen was an
    after thought.
    So how about yourself? Have you noticed any wrinkles coming in?

  • Ana Marie Jacinto says:

    Try it.Thanks you have a great day

  • Mary Gomes says:

    from last year i am having very bad Acne problems. when they grows they
    looks pink but, when it dies it always leaves black marks on ma face.
    Please help :(

  • Jesus Maldonado says:

    Do you have to Rinse It Off For Acne ? 

  • Barbara M says:

    do you have a tip to clean an ACTIVE acne breakout?

  • Magna Galatryell says:


  • Ellen Miranda says:

    Trabalhar sem luvas, eu não recomendo. A aula está bem explicativa.


    gostei muito,bem explicada a aula,parabens

  • Ercília Hellen Naiff says:

    maravilhosa essa aula! amei

  • Lucas Braga says:

    Viu o vídeo mesmo?

  • danilosangalo says:

    muito bom

  • edilma nascimento de lima Lima says:
  • Rosinha silva says:

    Se me permite, eu estou apenas começando, mas no curso a professora
    comentou que o pincel não está indicado na limpeza de pele pela ANVISA, me
    desculpe é só uma informação, parabéns pelo trabalho! sucesso!

  • Livia Vieira says:

    Depois do uso de roacutan e anticoncepcional para acne fiquei cheia de
    manchas. Depois fiz peeling Vulcan ice e luz intensa para manchas q
    queimaram e corroeram minha pele, deixando cheia de feridas. Hj tenho
    eczema crônica, com feridas ao redor da boca, nariz, que me impedem de
    respirar, comer e dormir de forma adequada. Acidos e laser vão queimar e
    corroem sua pele de forma irreversível, ficando com feridas infecciosas que
    não cicatrizam 


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