The Emotional Side Of Acne: LONG VIDEO!!!!

AcnEase & Chinese Medicine Bullying/Acne On Anderson Cooper Ance & The Steve Harvey Show: …

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  • Curtis Fraser says:

    I’m a guy and none of my guy friends have or ever had acne, I had one
    friend who was a girl who had acne and it made me feel like I belonged
    somewhere like I’m not the only one, but her skin gradually cleared up and
    I’m happy for her but now it’s just me. The thing is with guys with acne is
    people think we don’t get the same phycological affects as girls but I can
    assure you I have and it’s horrible, you wake up ever day feeling worthless
    and unconfident. On many occasions I’ve felt depressed and sorry for people
    that have to be seen with me, I’m trying to become a better person and feel
    good about myself it’s just hard when acne is a constant reminder.

  • elizabeth piazza says:

    Thanks for the videos! It’s really nice to know there someone out there
    that I can relate to cuz mine also took an emotional tole on me but I’ve
    learned to love who I am, btw yours cats are cute lol

  • purbledream999 says:

    we love u too <3

  • Shirley Zhu says:


  • Andy Obie says:

    I was listening to you completely….. but did anyone else notice that
    creepy face at the bottom window of the door? Even the cat had to check it
    out. Lol

  • Brittany Cruz says:

    I can’t even look people in the eyes when I talk to them… Thinking they
    might be looking at my skin :(

  • prelude cantabile says:

    thank you for posting this video :).I cannot make a video response. my
    english is not really good. So, i just want to share a story.

    in my junior high life. I went to a course. and when i was at the front
    office, my friend pointed at me and said ” omg Sa, you have a pimple” and
    then averybody at that room looking at me. that was the worst emotional
    thing in my entire life. I never really concern about my acne. ” I’m a
    teenager and have acne, so what?” but after that “accident” I tried many
    things to get rid of it,(antibiotic,creams, everything,you named it. but it
    just make my acne getting worse,my body getting weaker. I just stay at home
    and afraid to talk to someone face to face.

    so, as time goes by, (i’m a college student now) i try to manage stress,
    and wise to choose what’s good for me and not. (avoid dairy, using natural
    remedies work best for me.(also more excercise, manage stress <<< i'm working on it) Although I still get acne and hiperpigmentation, but my condition is much better.) i learnt many things from people in youtube about their acne journey :)

  • Marjorita Legare says:

    Please slowwwww down…! 

  • NthShout says:

    You’re words could change ones life. I adore you Cassandra. I really do.

  • Ilica Militank says:

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  • valeria toky says:

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  • Antonia Cristina says:

    Oh my god… I love you. You are my role model.

  • Nora Martinez says:

    Cassandra, I absolutely love your channel and your videos have helped me a
    lot. I too struggle from acne and it has negatively affected my social life
    and self esteem. Thank you for being such an amazing role model for me!

  • Allie Ast says:

    You’re such a great role model. I felt a lot like you when my acne was very
    bad in high school. My mom made fun of me! You’re so relatable, and God

  • Sjappelientje says:

    yeah I think that’s spam down here

  • kommunikasjon10 says:

    The feeling of SHAME and GUILT has been the worst for me to cope with. Acne
    has through years become a part of my identity, like a bad/ugly part of my
    person. Although I’m quite pretty, I’ve felt UGLY both on the OUTSIDE and
    INSIDE. I felt ashamed and guilty of having acne. You’re doing a FANTASTIC
    job by being so open and honest about your acne. You’ve helped me to
    “extract” my acne out of my person. I am not my acne any more. THANK YOU
    CASSANDRA!!! And you’re so beautiful!!

  • brenda samuel says:

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  • clara fox says:

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  • Sabrina Wade says:

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  • smileteehee says:

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