The Best ACNE Care Tips for Clearing Pimple (with Eunice’s naked face! XD)

Just follow her tips for a week, you can see the dramatic effect on your face. She does share all tips from her own, her Korean friends and even dermatologis…

18 Responses to The Best ACNE Care Tips for Clearing Pimple (with Eunice’s naked face! XD)

  • Jakrit Muangkiaw says:

    Asian people are so used to receiving information from média that having
    this extrême pale white skin is beautiful and it looks very normal but if
    you actually step back and take a look at her face and put things into
    perspective , she is so paleeee as if she was dying. 

  • Kim Nguyen says:

    I have adult pimples too at age 25! They’re hormonal and they hurt. I never
    ever had acne until I turned 25. And I’m gentle too 

  • Hanim Sofia says:

    Please show how to get flawless on face . Thank you

  • Anastazia Won says:

    You really look younger than 26 ! :3

  • nadia farhana says:

    you got acnes and breakouts at the age of 26??? woah, lucky

  • Jonathan Yang says:

    You guys should do a video on determatologist and skin surgery in Korea or
    getting skin whitening there by skin expert’s and the facials they do there

  • Nikita H Tay says:

    Hi. So I used the spot serum first and then the green tea powder and then
    the spot patch ??? But I was wondering…If 1st item is to put the spot
    serum and then the green tea powder, will that not remove the serum away ?
    Kinda wasted don’t you think ? Pls advise. Thanks.

  • MayMay Zee says:

    In m’sia people dont care if you do not wear make. People here think not
    wearing makeup is the best. We like natural beauty bcause makeup hides the
    real you. We dont care if someone suffer from bad acne. Even in our school
    makeup is prohibited so people love each other for natural beauty. Oh and
    we only wear makeup at an event but sometimes we dont wear at all even in a
    big event.

  • sarahhcoco says:

    You look stunningly gorgeous without makeup Eunice :O <3

  • Ashley Kahue says:

    *Great Video! Another quick way to get rid of pimples is the use of lemon
    juice, which is rich in vitamin C. Lemon juice helps pimples dry up faster.
    Be sure to use fresh lemon juice and not bottled juice, which has

  • BiiBiiBeauty says:

    I personally love the La Roche Posay line. Perfect for very sensitive acne
    prone skin! But those pimple patches look awesome! I have never seen
    anything like that before in Canada!

  • Tram Ta says:

    Those patches don’t work for me. I used the A’pieu tea tree spot patch on
    my cystic acne when it just appeared, the next 2 days that acne became less
    bumpy but it đidn’t go away either. Now it’s still there, hurts and flat 🙁
    I’m so confused :(

  • papperogue says:

    Thank you SO much!! I can’t wait the next part, I need help with scaring

  • kromanized says:

    Why are people so obsessed with always wearing makeup? You look so much
    better without it!

  • Jake says:

    Just eating a little sugar gives me acne T.T

  • parkaechanxchina says:

    Your cute accent for “La Roche Posay” ~ French brand hehe

  • scarlett831 says:
  • SeeKaysee says:

    Thanks for this video, I suffer from acne and I really appreciate videos
    like this. Very helpful


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