Requested! My Skincare Routine (GREAT for Acne)!/عنايتي ببشرتي

Requested! My Skincare Routine (GREAT for Acne)!/عنايتي ببشرتي

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

15 Responses to Requested! My Skincare Routine (GREAT for Acne)!/عنايتي ببشرتي

  • Jacqueline Belle Kurniawan says:

    I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times but I’ll still say it: YOU ARE
    SUPER BEAUTIFUL! I’m trying to focus on what you’re saying but gosh your
    eyes, brows, lips, makeup as a whole is flawless! In every single one of
    your video you look gorgeous! Going to re-watch this video for a second
    time to focus on the main message of this video and try not to stare in
    awestruck at your insane beauty :)

  • Bella GM says:

    Cool vid but so expensive products………….

  • elle rye says:

    Loved the video any chance you can list the products you spoke so fast that
    I missed the scrub and re played it but keep missing the name. Already
    ordered the chanel le lift used the sublimate and didn’t love hoping the le
    lift will be good. 

  • Aleshaa Rees says:

    hi hunn thx 4 yr video but the products you showed on this video r very
    exspensive 4 me as i ant got a job 4 a wile is there any thing with a
    cheaper vershion? i wld b v grtfull thx hunn 1 love frm uk england 

  • Mycha Nassef says:

    For scars, I highly recommand you the “De spot” from Peter Thomas Roth. I’m
    OBSESSED with it! You can see the difference within 2 weeks 🙂
    Keep up those amazing videos. Love u xxx

  • taboomocha says:

    I wanted to enjoy this video but the sound of the camera constantly
    focusing – omg!! Could you please fix that?!

  • Rose Kimberly says:

    Your soo beautiful! good lord! love this!

  • Bubbley3001 says:

    This was super helpful. Thank you!!

  • JessiLove says:

    your lashes<3

  • elle rye says:

    I’ve been obsessed with your videos omg must’ve watched for 2 hrs.
    Discovered you yesterday and love your short, on point and very informative

  • suhana shiekh says:

    Huda em a big fan of uoz i jst love uo mke up tips…what is beauty ? ….
    answer is “HUDA”…….uo masha allah mwah … uo da perfect beauty ..☺☺☺
    ..LOve Frm India ..mwah

  • Eva Navro says:

    Love ur videos!! Honestly, No 1 viewer :-)) I didn’t know Chanel Le lift
    can help with pores? Does it help with imperfections too??? Disappointingly
    the lady at the Chanel sephora denied to sell this to me because I’m too
    young-27yrs- even not for prevention. Anyway, always waiting forward for ur
    next vid!! Kisses!!

  • Melissa B says:

    That CameraI is annoying I found her her voice annoying too

  • elle rye says:

    Picked up the gnc hair pills today and am hoping it works. 

  • Jacqueline Belle Kurniawan says:

    That Orogold product! 😮 I’ve always walked pass by my local Orogold store
    and was always curious about their products. Now after seeing that little
    exfoliating demo, wow! Need to take a trip to the store and check that
    product out.


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