My Secret on How to Get Rid of Acne Scars & Everything Else

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18 Responses to My Secret on How to Get Rid of Acne Scars & Everything Else

  • Chima Kola says:

    You don’t need to suffer acne any longer because there has been a natural
    trreatment that cures acne forever!

  • FamousAmos says:

    I just bought Dr Sheffield’s Scar Gel!

  • Apillbox says:

    Great video

    My five cents would be the following;

    I KNOW from experience when it come to acne and acne scarring, the first
    thing you MUST do is address the internal causes of the acne. Whether it be
    hardened liver damage and the unblocking of the lymphatic system or the
    extermination of parasites living in the gut. Hell it can be your horrible
    diet. (Which in most cases it is and which could be the source of the
    parasites who feed off sugar, dairy and meat!)

    Fixing your scars wont stop you dying young if you don’t address the root

  • Graham Dorschell says:

    Thanks – that helps – cute girl too . 

  • Nguyen Chinh says:

    It is possible to stop acne yourself by using natural technique, and you
    will begin to see the result in less than 7 days

  • svtang03 says:

    Thanks for the great video. Everything you said was right on with what I’ve
    researched. I was hoping you could help me with a question I have though.
    I recently bought a scar gel that said not to use it on areas where you
    have hair growth, so I returned it and exchanged it for Mederma scar gel.
    The mederma doesn’t say anything about not using it on hair growth areas
    though. In your knowledge or experience do you know if mederma gel will
    prevent future hair growth or any reason why I shouldn’t use it on areas
    where hair grows? Thank you!

  • Syd&Vic says:

    This is not for all scars, but vitamin E-oil helps acne scars fade. You can
    get it for $2-3 at almost any drugstore.

  • elizabeththecatlover Derp says:

    And I know how to *prevent* scars.. but how do you *get rid* of them.. any
    idea? XD

  • Sharon Roze Swift says:

    You say do not pick your scabs as I pick the one from my bike wreck

  • elizabeththecatlover Derp says:

    Did I just say that? o.O

  • Sharon Roze Swift says:

    Dont worry your beautiful and you always will be.

  • Dave Winz says:

    You’re so pretty :). Thank you for the video it helped me a lot.

  • elizabeththecatlover Derp says:

    Hey, you’re pretty anyway! I’ve had scars on my face for a while
    now..{don’t ask >:c} and It looks terrible.. :P

  • donutcasual says:

    you’re beautiful


    Thanks for the video buddy…

  • Maja Jensen says:

    Does she have dermatillomania? 

  • 15kagomay says:

    Had to sign in to comment, i want to thank you for being so brave an open
    about you life and the things you have gone through I know it’s not easy to
    I have a lot of scaring of my own and it does take a toll on your
    confidence because people never make me forget about them, as their always
    pointed out to me. I hate having to explain how i got them and hiding them
    is hard. Especially the scars this left on my heart. Again your an amazing
    person, i say this in tears.

  • destiny caban says:

    thanks so much because i also burred my self with a stove and now i feel so
    insecure but u r a life saver thanks so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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