My Favorite Skin Care Products! ♥ (Combination Acne-Prone Skin)

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16 Responses to My Favorite Skin Care Products! ♥ (Combination Acne-Prone Skin)

  • Julian Aguilar says:

    chamomile, algae and herbs were mispronounced. lol 

  • Nicolaas Eaton says:

    I’ve learn the excellent step-by-step organic solutions to bleaching my
    skin within 2 months, You need to check it out

  • IconKumiho says:

    if you can spead money on makeup, and clothes. why not go to a spa and get
    a facial for $30 for 30 min. 

  • lizzy monette says:

    We have the same skin problems!!

  • angelfoodcake1979 says:

    A majority of the products that you talk about here aren’t available in
    Europe. I was wondering if you have changed anything about your skin care
    products since you now live in London.

  • IfGiveGaga Wooz says:

    You Kinda Look Like Cher Lloyd <3

  • ayan johar says:

    Me Too <3

  • Izaah Cadey says:

    I use the same green tea scrub too (makes my slin dry and turns it to read
    for about 5 mins but its good) with anti-aging foaming cleanser perfect

  • Vanessa Kiego says:

    +AnnieJaffrey the green tea scrub should be left on the affected area for a
    couple of minutes in order to calm the redness of your face
    this is so the salicylic acid can take effect :)

  • Liz Lugo says:

    Could you review AMBI Essentials Gentle Skin Cleanser? It’s such a
    great,non irritating cleanser, but I’m seeing it less and less in stores,
    it’s a shame! It’s so affordable too. I have sensitive, acne prone skin,
    and so far it’s the only drugstore cleanser hat doesn’t dry out my skin, or
    irritate it. Its great. Way better and more effective than Cerhaphil. Its
    also free of sulfate and hypoallergenic. Would be a great gente cleanser to
    use after makeup remover. Really uts a gem,but an underdog. People are
    missing out. This could be a staple product for women with sensitive skin
    like min on a budget.

  • Royyalltee Child says:

    Love all these going to try the neutrogena and the eye makeup remover
    because I have been using those simple facial wipes to remove my make up

  • Rosalba Moya says:

    Hey Im a new subscribe .. you do this routine everyday ??

  • Tiffanyyyannn says:

    St ives green tea scrub is honestly one of my favorites!

  • patitafea17 says:

    Lovely personality,beautiful woman great job! :] God Bless.

  • Gloria Zhang says:

    what is the song in the beginning..i feel like i hear it all the time

  • kathy tran says:

    Omg yes this is my skin i have oily skin with dry patches and its so easy
    to get pimples. This helped so much! Thank you babe ♥


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