My Daily Green Smoothie for PCOS and Acne

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15 Responses to My Daily Green Smoothie for PCOS and Acne

  • mp5yourmp3 says:

    you shouldnt blend the whole apple. the seeds contain arsenic and the core
    of the apple is likely to contain high amounts of pesticides due to runoff.
    reason why FDA recommends not eating them

  • Balance says:

    You are very Beautiful 🙂
    Thank you for the recipe

  • mad4u19 says:

    Can you post the ingredients please. I didn’t get the name of the powders.

  • anca lucia says: You can try it risk free The best acne treatment ever

  • Judith Mc guigan says:

    Does this smoothie have a lot of calories? Like the idea of incorporating
    this into the daily diet but don’t know if it would affect my calorie
    intake for the day. thanks xx

  • thewholefooddude says:

    Love it sarah! You should make a Cabala Juice video 🙂

  • Sathish Chandimal says:

    I have been suffering from cystic acne for countless years. It turned so
    awful that I tried to shut myself away. I attempted every crackpot process
    on the market. It didn’t vanish. After which I learned about the Acne
    Executioner web page (Google it) and I had at long last found something
    which did the trick. It’s weird but I quite like looking at pictures of
    myself for the first time. I love it.

  • Jenny Nolasco says:

    What powders did u use in your smoothes?

  • Sarah Mae says:

    It IS so good! The name of this blender is Froothie – click the link in the
    video description to see al features/info and to purchase one! 🙂 xx

  • drowningindesire says:

    Yum this looks so good! I’m definitely going to try this. What’s the name
    of your blender?I’ve been looking to buy a new one!

  • franklingirl23 says:

    Hahaha you’re so cute in this video

  • rockyutube1 says:

    is that fattening?

  • OneSummerSky says:

    Where do you buy the powders? And aren’t the various powders going to
    interact with each other (can you combine all powders without health

  • thewholefooddude says:

    Congrats on 400 subscribers Sarah! You Go Girl 🙂

  • FroothieTV says:

    Actually the name of the blender is an Optimum and it’s distributed by
    froothie… Sarah is a GREAT distributor and can totally help you out with
    one!!! Zane xx


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