My Current Acne Coverage Foundation Routine!

This video is my Acne Coverage Foundation Routine! Hope this was helpful! Watch My Current Acne Coverage Summer Foundation Routine!…
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After years of battling cystic acne I was able to find the cure to this horrible condition. The answer was Dairy! this white, hormone-filled, animal based bo…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 Responses to My Current Acne Coverage Foundation Routine!

  • yozabeth16 says:

    New Year New Foundation Routine? If you struggle with acne or acne scars I
    show you how to cover it up in my newest video! Hope you enjoy :)

  • Katie Hegner says:

    does the foundation make you oily?

  • Skela Kusirob says:

    Omg your skin looked so beautiful and natural like I didn’t even think you
    were wearing much base. You are gorgeous! 

  • Franc Nico says:

    You are beautiful inside and out :)

  • jstcallmeunish says:

    Great tutorial! How much did the covergirl foundation cost? Is it available
    here in the philippones? Thanks!

  • lmodni fati says:

    you are beautiful….and cute..even without make-up…i can see that..

  • aaaaammmmmyyyyyy says:

    You have really pretty teeth !

  • Amber Kovacik says:

    I noticed how white your teeth are and how naturally pink your lips are!
    You’re a true beauty! 

  • Ashley Khenkitisak says:

    do you use any setting powder? 

  • MD M-P says:

    Good job girl! I suffer with acne scarring too…I have the deep ones.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Mariana Ribeiro says:

    You are so nice! I was watching this video with my sister and she said “aw
    she is so pretty!” at the beginning. (She said that in Portuguese because
    we are from Portugal, I think you have a new subscriber!)

  • Mercy Mata says:

    I hope that you never listen to this negative comments on youtube. You are
    beautiful, don’t waste your time answering to people that don’t matter.
    Good luck

  • Jenny Obsessed says:

    You’re so pretty with or w.o makeup truthfully bby

  • Vigilante Man says:

    This vdo is a load of crap. You need a double blind study to verify such
    claims. The studies have always verified acne has nothing to do with diet.
    You are relying on dumb luck, admit it. Accutane or antibiotics are known
    to help but not cure acne.

    Why would people suffer from terrible acne for decades if all they had to
    do is not eat dairy. I was a vegan once and I still had acne.

  • Yokio X says:

    Also sleeping between 10pm and 2am is good for your skin since that is when
    your body repairs your skin cells.

  • NOLA HOLA says:

    You are inspiring me a great deal to do this, you are what people should
    see what a TS is all about, most people think a TS is a prostitute ar a
    porn star.

  • Bonnie Pasap says:

    Thank you for sharing, I have recently found that dairy has been causing my
    acne too!!!

  • smileybutterfly25 says:

    Thank you for sharing! I’m keen on trying this :)

  • Charlene Lincoln says:

    Almond milk has more calcium then cows milk. Your skin looks gorgeous!

  • Deirdre Kerrigan says:

    i cut down on red meats and greasy foods and it work milk i can not eat it
    because it kill me 


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