My BEST Everyday Makeup Routine For Oily & Acne Prone Skin Tutorial | How To Cover Acne Scarring

LAST WEEK: The Acne Tag! This week, I’m happy to bring you a requested video – my everyday makeup routine! Each time I do a video on …

25 Responses to My BEST Everyday Makeup Routine For Oily & Acne Prone Skin Tutorial | How To Cover Acne Scarring

  • Jess Bunty says:

    I know a lot of women suffer from acne and scarring, and don’t want to
    spend ages in front of the mirror trying to cover it up! This makeup
    tutorial is my ‘go to’ look, which covers up the main culprits and gives me
    confidence! I hope it does the same for you 🙂 Xx

  • Miki Cham says:

    Have you tried the Paula’s Choice line? I swear by it. If any skin care
    routine can help acne and redness it’s her line.

  • josi0719 says:

    Did you get your hair done? Looks great! I love all your vids Jess! ❤️

  • Maria Li says:

    The Cetaphil, Dermeze, and QV ranges are gentle and non comedogenic. I
    alternate between them.

  • 24carlam says:

    that happens to me all the time, when one of my cheeks is doing good, the
    other side breaks out!!! ohhh if only both sides of my face can be clear
    for 1 day i would be the happiest person in the world lol..

  • Lou J says:

    Have you given much more thoughg to taking contraception to help your acne,
    Jess? how easy is the access to contraception in Aus? x

  • Stresseduser says:

    I caught that….you’re not cheap. I always have long nails and it makes it
    bloody hard to put concealer under your eyes. I use a brush and just finish
    it with my fingers. 

  • bree gram says:

    i just subscribed you make me laugh and give good tips :)

  • Helen Hatz says:

    Looks awesome!! What’s your job? Im in customer service too and am always
    conscious of my acne

  • XinXin Vermouth C says:

    jurlique tends to be brilliant ! They claim their products 100% natural~ I
    believe so ~

  • Clepolygame says:

    I love you, you’re so funny ! 🙂 I think you’re my favorite beauty youtuber
    ! And as I’m studying English language and culture at university, it’s also
    a way to learn the Australian accent.
    Best regards from France. :)

  • Amberleigh Rose says:

    i have extremely oily skin and pretty bad acne and have just started using
    make up to cover it up. during the day my foundation goes very oily and
    shiny, i have tried various foundations but none seem to work. what is it
    that i need to buy to get it to stay in place and what would you reccomend?
    thanks :D

  • chaz08mist says:

    Hi there! well… I hope you can read this…. eating APPLES are good for
    acne problem… a professor of mine somewhere in the university told his
    journey battle with acne he describe his face as “ACNE grew a FACE”(er…
    sorry, but that the exact words he told us—well used in our language) he
    went to a lot of dermatologist, but none of it cure his acne problem
    (though they can tell how severe the acne are)… and while he was surfing
    the ‘net, he came across with an article says that “EATING (25-30pcs??)
    APPLE a DAY”—- so he tried eating APPLES (though he only consume 3-5
    apples) for a month… and it work ^^.. his acne subsides… —- a friend
    of mine also tried this and she got a good result as well… —- I tried
    it also, there are weeks that I don’t get pimples.. (well except if the
    periods are coming, hormonal imbalance)…

  • Ivanka Sonal says:

    can you do a new video about chest and back acne. please??? pretty please
    with a cherry on the top?

  • martina stadlbauer says:

    You are so incredibly crazy! I could keep on watching your videos and
    listening to you for hours without getting bored!! Great job XD

  • Andrea Prince says:

    have you ever considered using racutane, or whats the name of it ?
    apperently thats the only “cure” which works no? or is it too hardcore ? (
    dont know) ;)

  • Emane Haciri says:

    Nice . I LOVE IT ♥

  • Amella33 says:

    I hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying this, but I changed my toner from
    the Clinique 2, to a Simple pore refining toner two months ago. And I have
    not had one. Single. Spot. On my face since. Not even one pesky little
    hormonal spots that I would always get each month, and generally in the
    same spot. Nothing else has changed in my skin care routine. My skin has
    never been this clear. Ive always had a spot here or there, and then when I
    was 19/20 had a small fling with mild acne on my cheeks. Now I am loving
    this clear skin, and really have a lot of foundation free days because I
    have much more confidence :)

  • BKR DBD says:

    Olay toner no oil with which hazel! You’ll love it!

  • Cristina Skelton says:

    I love how much your down to earth 🙂 

  • Amy E says:

    You should check out La Roche-Posay Serozinc. It’s a spray toner that is
    alcohol free. The zinc in it is antibacterial and soothing so it’s great
    for acne skin. I use it before applying make up and after to get rid of any

  • lucia style says:

    Hi jess! Great video! But i’ve got a question. which finishing spray is the
    best one you’ve ever had? I got one but that one is kinda expensive… i
    hope you can help me
    Ps: sorry for my bad english 

  • Josefin♡ says:

    i really like this video, im glad i found it, i just recently started doing
    my own videos too :)

  • Blue Panda says:

    I wish you made 2 videos every week :c I hate having to anxiously wait
    every Wednesday :CCCCCCCC

  • AnnLeAiden says:

    Can I just share how much I love your tutorials. My skin problems is
    exactly like yours. So thank you for teaching and making my day!


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