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23 Responses to My Acne Story: How To Cope! | StyleByAmber

  • Charlottelee22 says:

    i hate acne i have had it bad form the age of 10 and im only 14 now and so
    sick of it, i have been to many doctors and dermatologist but it only kind
    of works. non of my friends have acne they ALL have perfect skin and it
    sometimes really makes me mad a guy i like called me acne face and boys
    used to laugh at me i hate it i try so hard i dont eat any added sugar and
    i spend a good 40 mins on my acne a day it sucks 

  • Cynthia Gee says:

    Girl, you are beautiful ! I can totally relate to this, I been dealing with
    acne since I was in 4th grade (I’m going into my 2nd year of highschool)
    and first it was just occasional pimples but over the past years, it has
    gotten way worse! My skin got really sensitive, oily, and acne prone so
    it’s hard dealing with those problems EVERYDAY. I hate walking out of the
    house thinking I have a full coverage foundation on but then someone has to
    point out “eww look at all your pimples” and I’m like well screw you too
    foundation. My acne is very severe at the moment and it’s not just pimples,
    it’s huge painful cysits! 🙁 I don’t know what I did to deserve this, I
    take good care of my skin yet it pays me back looking like someone just
    through a pizza at my face.. I hope to become a dermatologist and HOPEFULLY
    find an iternal cure for acne because I believe that NOBODY should ever go
    through this everyday /: 

  • megham linvole says:

    Your attitude is just so inspiring, I am really glad I found this video!

  • Catri Kitten says:

    I have acne too and not only on my face but on my chest and back. I’ve been
    having it since 4th grade and now I’m in third year of highschool, and now
    that summer’s coming I feel like hiding in a bucket ;-; My mom’s a
    dermatologist and she always tells me she’s never proud of me because of my
    skin condition and that I should be a role model LIKE WHAT THE FUCK.. I’m
    so tired of it and even though its not horrible its still pretty damn bad
    and people don’t even take me seriously anymore

  • christina madison says:

    You are very pretty, thank you for this video :)))

  • Katie S. says:

    I know a lot of people have acne but everybody is noticing it lately and I
    have no confidence because of it. I have been seeing a dermatologist for
    three months and it isn’t getting better yet. I don’t know what to do and
    my makeup doesn’t cover it you can still see bumps and it collects and just
    looks terrible :(

  • Maddie Riddick says:

    You just helped me so much. I am going to camp and I was scared to barely
    have makeup on in front of all these people I know and don’t know but if
    they judge me they aren’t my friends and I shouldn’t even care what they
    have to say. Thank you so much for helping me and I hope your acne clears
    up. You seem like an amazing person thank you for the help

  • Juliana Cannuli says:

    aw girl you’re so cute! you’re helping so many people out there, me being
    one of them. Stay confident because you are gorgeous

  • Jordan Mackie says:

    Don’t let anyone bring you down it’s 2014 who cares about acne anymore AM I

  • hectorqwer says:

    Thanks for showing me that beauty is not in appearance. You are a beautiful
    woman. I wish I had someone like you in my life. Greetings from Latin

  • Kait Waithwe says:

    I was looking for that kind of video for a while now. I’ve been suffering
    from a really bad acnes and it’s really stressing me out like I can’t even
    look people in the eyes, what would they think of me? I know all these
    thoughts i mentally thinking are killer for me but I can’t stop that. I
    feel really low and I even think like why me? Why I can’t have a perfect
    skin like my friends?
    But seeing ur video makes me feels a lot better. I’m so happy to know that
    there’s someone also fighting from that serious disaster. Thank you :)

  • Lea Beer says:

    Thank you.

    Ps: you are beautiful 

  • Mark Draws says:

    Your beautiful just the way you are… We have the same problem and it’s
    been hard trying to cope with it.. Thanks for the video 🙂 it made me sorta
    feel like I’m not alone :D

  • SHizzleHD X says:

    girl don’t worry your hot and i would date you even know you got spots!

  • Ayesha Qamar says:

    This is the kind of video I’ve been looking for for aggeesssss! I’m so glad
    you uploaded this! Its nice when the YouTuber talks about acne and spots
    without makeup! THANK YOU!!!!! 

  • ashley s says:

    you’re so beautiful.

  • Hannah Brown says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! This has helped me a lot I can’t thank
    you enough. 

  • Miia Säkkinen says:

    thank you so much for this amazing video! i’ve been suffering from quite
    severe acne myself for about a year now and i’m currently on “the bad
    period” of acne… today i just felt really disgusting and worthless and
    searching through acne coverage videos i found this. your video really
    opened my eyes to see that i shouldn’t be so ashamed of myself because
    whatever some people are thinking about me, it’s their problem and i
    shouldn’t let it affect on me. i know i have a lot of people around me who
    love me for who i am and this video just made me remember it again, so
    thank you.

  • crispis says:

    thank you so much,you can’t even imagine how much you’ve help me and how
    much I agree with you!! you’ve made my day :))

  • valica aldane says:

    learn the only way to really cure acne for good HEREPA. com the holistic

  • Skyler Lee says:

    by the end of the video i actually forgot you had acne, its not even
    noticeable! oh my gosh all of my friends and all of my school have very
    mild acne at the worst and here i am with severe acne its awful. but acne
    is a uphill battle i guess. you’re gorgeous 🙂 i love your eyes they’re
    soooo pretty

  • James' World says:

    finally someone who really understands. cheers

  • Kelsey Evans says:

    This brought me to tears. you’re an absolutely beautiful person on the
    inside and it shows on the outside acne or not. Thank you so much. You’re


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