My Acne Story: Dealing with Acne, My Thoughts on Accutane

acne, acne scars, acne tips, dealing with acne, accutane HELLO THERE 🙂 Thanks so so much for watching this video and I would like to say, if you are dealing…

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39 Responses to My Acne Story: Dealing with Acne, My Thoughts on Accutane

  • Jessica Nicole says:

    I have very similar acne as you!! Its so hard being in college with such
    bad skin, and i recently have got really bad acne on my cheeks :(

  • L Gibson says:

    I came across your videos and was very moved by your story. As someone who
    suffered from acne I really do know how you and others who suffer feel.
    With that said, the title of this particular video made me watch. I am
    always interested in hearing why/why not when discussing accutane.
    Fortunately for me my mother suffered from acne and was put on accurate so
    when I began to scar she took me to the dermatologist and it was a complete
    miracle. Accutane has always received a bad reputation and with the
    monitoring I can understand why…but I am thankful everyday for that drug.
    I was miserable and one week into my prescription I didn’t have a single
    pimple or cyst. Yes, dryness is huge but some coconut oil and lip balm and
    you are good to go. Didn’t wear any make up because for the first time I
    looked better without it. If you are still experiencing bad acne I would
    recommend really discussing the possibility with a dermatologist. It is a
    nearly permanent fix (I will occasionally get a pimple now and then around
    that time of the month). And I never knew anyone (I know many) who suffered
    any bad side effects, ESPECIALLY mood change except for pure joy.

  • Maria S says:

    Your video helped me a lot. Im 17 and have been struggling with acne for a
    few years.. but a month ago it go so bad around my mouth and chin and now
    its spread on my cheeks. I am on tetracycline and epiduo but i dont see any
    improvement yet 🙁 i might give acutante a shot but i hear it makes your
    face break out worse. Anyways, your such a pretty girl and i am happy i
    finally found someone that could relate to me with the whole acne struggle.

  • TheKatieRosette says:

    I use accutane and it’s just dry skin for most people, after 6 months most
    people are done. The BEST part is acne never comes back (no more nose
    strips for blackheads or whiteheads or super oily skin) accutane is for
    long term people struggling with acne and it is so powerful it kills the
    cells/oil glands that are producing the acne. I know you say you have to be
    monitored every month but it’s actully only when the increase the pill size
    they are giving you. And it’s just a blood test (just a little blood you
    give no biggie for an adult)

    So basically to sum all that up -> Accutane has some side effects (most
    people rarely get severe side effects) but after 6 months no more acne for
    the rest of your life

  • Sinead Murphy says:

    try indian healing clay it did wonders for me in combination with apple
    cider vinegar:)

  • Lyne Cournoyer says:

    Not sure that you will read this comment since you made this video 5 months
    ago, but just in case I’ll give you my two cents. I’m a 53 year old mother
    of 3. I’ve never had acne, not even as a teenager and neither have my
    children (17, 20 and 24 years old). However, my older sister had extremely
    bad acne in her teens. She had tried every product on the market at the
    time but nothing worked. Our family doctor eventually told her to wash her
    face every night before going to bed, tie her hair up and cover it with a
    bonnet to ensure that her hair did not touch her face or her pillow during
    the night. She also had to sleep on a fresh clean pillow case every
    night. Within one week we could see a huge difference and within 2 weeks
    all signs of acne was totally gone. You’ll need a few pillow cases 🙂 but
    I think it would be worth a try. If you do try it, please let me know if
    it has worked for you. I wish you all the best.

  • Elizabeth Santiago says:

    You should try the caveman regimen… It works wonders! 🙂 

  • Kylie says:

    Leave your hair out of you face I have the same problem with white heads
    but not acne. But your hair in bun or something or a ponytail. Also try the
    st. Ives apricot scrub but don’t scrub that hard. And use witch hazel as a
    toner and use moisturizer a no oily one. Also yes try not to wear
    foundation it makes the problem worse. But you could still wear eye makeup.
    I’m sry don’t worry it will get better. 

  • Hannah B says:

    I used accutane. It helped so much! 

  • Danae Kline says:

    Just get in the shower and let the hot water do the job! I had horrible
    acne and when I stopped everything my skin cleared up!!! Try it girl! It
    will work

  • Jackie Lee says:

    I know what you’re going through and acne does suck unfortunately 🙁
    But I’ve cleared up most of mine by working out because when you work out
    the sweat pushes out all the bacteria and oil from your pores, and I’ve
    also began eating healthier and monitoring what I eat which also helps, and
    of course I use foundation and concealer to cover up acne marks and redness

  • Quedestrabe says:

    Hi savannah,

    I had acne since age 15. I’m 23 now and I have no acne just some scars on
    my neck that are fading away with time. I know how it feels but it will go
    away with time. Don’t think about it too much and don’t let that affect
    your life. You look great and a cool person would not even pay attention to
    your acne.

  • Noble Nomad says:

    Hey your really pretty:D I know how you feel yo:( I’ve been struggling with
    acne foreva! Since freshmen year for me. I really really respect you for
    making this video, it’s so hard to talk about it let alone deal with it.
    Don’t let anyone bring you down your pretty :]

  • SweetSunset09 says:

    You are gorgeous even with acne

  • Erica Polkadot says:

    My acne is because of my hair even if I take a shower that same night my
    hair gets oily really fast and my acne is on my forehead so I pop it my
    hair up after I take a shower every night and I take a shower @n the
    morning if you have acne on your forehead it is usually from your hair in
    your face I loved this video ♡♥♡♥

  • Ana Puxu says:

    Hi Savanna! I have the same acne as you and I understand how do you feel 🙁
    Your acne is hormonal, and gets better with birthcontrol pills

  • Ujwala Kumar says:

    Have you tried epiduo? I have had acne since 6th grade and my dermatologist
    recommended epiduo and it has been helping my acne!

  • Brittany Balyn says:

    Thank you all for the sweet comments <3 xox

  • Fatos Gomez says:


  • Nicole Passomonti says:

    I honestly think that her bronzer looked kind of odd. I mean, im no
    contouring guru or makeup guru at that even, it just looked out of place,
    like she didnt need it.

  • Gabriella Fabian says:

    At the end you look like Kaley Cuoco!And you are so beautiful!

  • MyBeauty564 says:

    You look amazing, with and without the makeup!

  • Jazmine Trujillo says:

    your honestly really gorgeous without makeup ❤️

  • gusandlulu says:

    OMG I died at the end.
    I loooooove pugs!!!! ^-^

  • LaaaLaaaFTW says:

    u look better without make up .-.

  • BEKA NICOLE says:

    you are so stunning!<3

  • Tori Cain says:

    I dont care if your skin is perfect, I think you look absolutely gorgeous
    all natural. You have wonderful features.

  • Jazzi Taylor says:

    You look even more like Nicole Richie without makeup!

  • Ella Elliott says:

    You are SO rediculously gorgeous, to the point where you with no makeup
    whatsoever looks ten times better than me with a full face of makeup.

  • Shay Flening says:

    Love your hair ^^

  • illestbeetch says:

    your hair is gorgeous

  • lizizwhatitizz says:

    I’ve been wanting to reverse ombre my hair just like yours in this video
    but with teal! I would love to see a video on this! :)

  • illestbeetch says:

    your hair is gorgeous

  • SunnyNutQueerios says:

    Such a cute baby!

  • Karoline Funch Jensen says:

    I love your hair!

  • KawaiiDollValdez says:

    She kinda looks like Nicole Richie
    & Penny from The Big Bang Theory

  • Karoline Funch Jensen says:

    Love your hair girl!

  • Lauren Clinton says:

    Poo pretty 

  • xeni beor says:

    Omg! your hair! it’s amazing <3


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