My ACNE Story + Before/After Pics (Part 1)

My ACNE Story + Before/After Pics (Part 1)

OPEN ME***♥ Hi guys! So as the title indicates, this video is all about my battle with severe cystic acne over the last 15 years. This video actually too…

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  • missBRAWR says:

    I’m SO sorry if this video makes you cry 🙁 That was never my intention.
    Just know that I’m very happy with my skin now as it has cleared! 🙂 

  • luckygreenstar22 says:

    At about 7:40 I started crying because I feel so sad that you had to go
    through this but I am also so happy that now you can feel more comfortable
    with yourself. You make me so happy because you really show that life
    should be less about worrying about your insecurities and more about
    experiencing new parts of life. Really hope you are doing well and are more
    confident, and I hope you keep this confidence, because this video just
    shows you are such an incredibly strong girl. :)

  • CurlyPenny says:

    ooo i like your eyebrows <3 :D

  • TheTara1980 says:

    how did you get rid of the scarring & discoloration?

  • JayEffinFresh says:

    Your such a beautiful person acne or not. I could really punch the person
    in the face who said they couldn’t talk to you. You’ve gained a friend here

  • Nicolás Saelzer Villarroel says:

    no before/after pics?

  • Leonardo Da Vinci says:

    I had like the worst acne ever, because of the ”proactive” i used for
    weeks, i dont have any acne anymore, just like 3 – 4 ones. and some little
    mark from it.

  • Blissful Dreams says:

    Thats how i feel, im a senior in hs i had acne it wasn’t severe but still
    embarrasing.i have mild ice pick scars but still i hate my face cause i
    kinda breakout sumtimes. anyway i skipped senior yr homecoming, gonna skip
    prom and im gonna skip grad ceremony too ughh 

  • Amon Tron says:

    did you tried changing your diet? ok let me say that veganism will resolve
    that acne issue. not in one day, but your life style has to chance in order
    to make the difference. eat veggies and fruits and you will see your skin
    get clean. good luck

  • Marie Margarian says:

    You are stunning, girl, and keep being! Xo 

  • Jasmine M says:

    youre beautiful!

  • DearNurse Nicole says:

    my face looks exactly like your before photos. i never had acne as a teen
    but when i started wearing makeup about a year ago, my skin has went crazy
    and never recovered. i pray that i can get it back clear but your story is
    so amazing. thank you for the kind words and sharing your story :)

  • naturallysweetkandi says:

    Thank you for your story and honesty! Personally I think you should do your
    videos without make up more often if not all the time. You are beautiful
    without it;) 

  • krystal mullen says:

    I live in Ontario as well and am having a problem with acne, I’ve tried
    proactive as well and it was done nothing, I’ve also tried some DIY facial
    systems and store bought ones. I’ve been looking for a dermatologist to go
    to, so I was just wondering what town the one you ended up going to is? The
    one who is 3 hours away

  • sandy2806 says:

    Wow, you’re really beautiful. And I’m happy for you that you won the battle
    and don’t have acne anymore!

  • Faiza Ikram says:

    I feel so depressed because of my acne. I got a few red pimples on the left
    side of my mouth and I am so afraid it will spread by tomorrow morning
    and/or get bigger. I saw two red spots around those three pimples and I am
    afraid they will become pimples. They feel flat and don’t hurt so I don’t
    know if I’m just being paranoid but I’m so afraid to sleep. My skin was
    great for a while except for the occasional pimple(s) around my cycle now I
    am about three weeks late in getting my monthly cycle and I’m getting these
    pimples. They feel kind of irritated as well so I don’t know if it is
    something i put on my face or what. I;m going to go to a doctor soon….:(
    I’m 19 and im scared i will have this problem forever or my skin will
    become worse.

  • Kimberley Johnson says:

    I’m glad your face cleared up. I started getting really bad acne when I
    started gaining weight. I had clear skin most of my life! Right now, I have
    acne scars which I hate. You’re totally right about changing your life
    style. I’m using proactiv to fade my blemishes. 

  • Charla Rae says:

    Two years ago when I was 15 I had really bad acne, I was on public
    transport and I was sitting opposite these two women and they said straight
    to my face that I should move away because they can’t stand seeing such
    disgustiness on my face. When I didn’t move they started making a commotion
    and shielding their eyes from my face. I cried when I got home and I know I
    will never cry over something like that again but I will never forget it. 

  • Rebecca Martinez says:

    I’m soo dumb I have perfectly good proactive sitting in my bathroom that my
    parents ordered me and I haven’t used it -.- it’s been like a year and a
    half soo I need to start…. starting right now :l

  • ishamaini1 says:

    I’ve never had to deal with acne, but i’d been having weight issues my
    whole life, I know what it’s like to obsess over something you feel like is
    impossible to change, regardless I’ve lost the weight and I look and feel
    good now but all the emotional pain you go through still sticks with you

  • JesusGodHolySpirit3 says:

    Awe you are beautiful :). Thanks for sharing your “past” experiences :D

  • PaaigeAlexis says:

    hate my skin sooo much but i’m getting ready to get on Accutane soon, so I
    am praying it works and I no longer feel confined by acne, thank you for
    this video!


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