My Acne Skincare Routine!! (Summer 2014 Acne Treatment!)

My Skincare Routine!! (Summer 2014!) Last Acne Update: My Story:…
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  • Lex Zeppelin says:

    bacne and chest acne video plz

  • AxelaTV says:

    Is the popular aztec face mud comparable to glamglow supermud? I really
    like glamglow but I’m looking for a cheaper alternative.

  • Cassandra Bankson, DiamondsAndHeels14 says:

    My Skincare Routine!! (Summer 2014!)

  • Kdrsjc . says:

    Just in case anyone is confused or worried about trying the Clarisonic, the
    brush heads DO NOT “rotate” like she said…they actually vibrate quickly
    using sonic pulses (just like a Sonicare toothbrush). I have been using my
    Clarisonic Mia 2 for about a year now, and it is VERY gentle on my acne
    prone skin and really does help keep my skin much more clear than it was
    before I started using it. Most of the Clarisonic “knock-offs” DO rotate
    and can be harmful to your skin, even if you don’t have sensitive skin.
    Also, everyone’s skin is different…and some people benefit more from
    using it every day (like me) while for some, it’s better to only use once a
    week or so.

  • Maariyah says:

    I’m horrified at the whole concept of clarisonic brushes. Our faces were
    not meant for industrial manual exfoliation.

  • Geri Howard says:

    That’s an expensive routine :(

  • Katherine Rodriguez says:

    HEY! You’re gorgeous and you know that! Those chemicals in those products
    (salicylic acid) will only make a hormonal imbalance to your skin, and you
    skin cells will have an effect to compensate for what it’s missing or has
    too much of…acne shouldn’t overtake your life! Simply use 100% virgin,
    natural, organic, raw OILS to CLEANSE and PURIFY your skin, eat as healthy
    as possible, drink water, and live happily and you skin will THRIVE as much
    as your insides are! God bless!

  • dawndadevil21 says:

    ooo i so wanted to try out clearogen but the moisturiser has b.peroxide
    which i am allerigc to, shame! you look amazing! thanks for this video

  • Ellie Hicks says:

    I love your makeup in this video!!!!!!

  • Emmy Em says:

    This video really makes me want to try Sephora (but I can’t buy it in a
    store here in Australia) I’d love to know if you’ve used the Clinique
    blemish free range and could compare them 

  • msemppu says:

    has she tried medication for her acne? I had really bad acne that just
    wouldnt go away and I started taking accutane and everything was gone in 6

  • naomi says:

    I’d love a video on back acne! My back is a mess right now and nothing
    seems to work

  • BrieAshleyyy29 says:

    Good skin care! I struggle with acne too and just recently started the
    knock off of proactiv the walmart equate brand. And its helped ive noticed
    a difference in my skin and how my makeup goes on. 

  • KubasRevs says:

    Wow you look really amazing in this video. So glowing and sculpted! :o

  • Abigail de Souza says:

    this makeup was so gorgeous in this video 

  • Amandas songchannel says:

    can u please do an updated foundation routine? <3

  • olga bear says:

    Thank you soooo much for this video! It helped alot(: and yes do the back
    acne video!

  • Audra Kizina says:

    have you ever tried estroblock? I have cystic acne as well. just wondering
    if you’ve heard of it.

  • Mimi Maday says:

    If you have acne prone skin you should not be using neutrogena oil free
    moisturizer for sensitive skin. Two of the ingredients in this moisturizer
    are high on the comedogenic list. 1.Ethylhexyl Palmitate rates a 4.
    2.Isopropyl Isosterate rates a 5. With comedogenic products, anything 3 and
    up is for sure to be avoided if you have an acneic skin type. Ingredients
    in products are extremely important when it comes to acne, don’t just trust
    the label that says “non comedogenic” !!

  • Kathryn Wiggins says:

    On a slightly off subject note, I love your top! The colour and pattern is
    lovely. Where is it from?

  • Lauren Smith says:

    Have you considered seeing an Esthetician rather than a derm? I struggled
    with cystic acne similar to yours for years and finally got licensed as a
    Master Esthetician. Haven’t had a cyst in years! I’ve been on accutane,
    antibiotics both oral and topical as well as spironolactone for inhibiting
    testosterone. The biggest reason for acne breakouts including cystic acne
    is an imbalance within the skin which I’m sure you know. It seems like the
    products you are using all have pretty aggressive ingredients. Using
    salicylic, benzoyl, and witch hazel at once is extremely aggressive even
    with an oily skin type. Witch hazel is actually pretty comparable to
    alcohol as far as their pH and what their used for. However I would highly
    recommend seeing a LICENSED esthetician. We’ve got different insights on
    skin that are different from derms that are worth looking into! I promise!

  • goldfish1871 says:

    (updated?) bacne video pls!

  • Madeline Miller says:

    Where can you buy the proactiv pore strips??

  • Lauren cx says:

    did you go on accutane?


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