My Acne Cure – Neutrogena Acne Therapy System Review

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4 Responses to My Acne Cure – Neutrogena Acne Therapy System Review

  • Katie Edwards says:

    helli i was wondering if i have to do the sunscreen even if i am not
    outside much? thanks

  • 1D Review En Español says:

    Hola, amo tus videos saludos desde Mexico.

  • MissKenesha17 says:

    @thefemaleboss19 Hey there sweetie, I understand your situation. My skin
    has flared up red aswell before. The best thing to do is rinse with cold
    water or rinse a soft flannel in cold water to cool down the burning
    feeling aswell as to remove the products. Then to moisturise I found that
    the best thing for it is Pond’s Cold Cream or just the regular Pond’s
    cream. Go back to your dermatologist or doctor and tell them the problem.
    Hope your skin gets better before you have to go to school. Xxx

  • Christian Navarro says:

    Will this treat milia also? Please tell me


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