My Acne Coverage Foundation Routine!

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19 Responses to My Acne Coverage Foundation Routine!

  • amanda mejia says:

    I am positive it is the birth control. I have heard of severe cases of acne
    with birth control. I personally never used birth control so I can’t tell
    you from experience, but there was a girl here on youtube who had severe
    cystic acne and it’s now clear. She used a certain pill I can’t recall, but
    I hope it gets better :)

  • A.Anne T says:

    I use nars sheer glow cause it’s the only one that matches perfectly my
    skin (Siberia!). Have you tried washing your face only with oatmeal? It’s
    amazing for any skin problems.

  • LaughingIsMyPassion4 says:

    Birth Control is what i am thinking is happening to your skin. good luck!

  • TheFlowerchild11 says:

    You should try getting some bentonite powder and mix it with applecider
    vinegar until it makes a paste. Apply to your face for 20 minutes, it will
    make your face bright red almost like you have a sunburn, I now only use
    water to mix it being it cleared up my breakouts quickly. It removes toxins
    from your body, it is also what they use for facials in spas. I buy it in
    bulk off amazon. Just make sure it is the pure bentonite powder. 

  • atrendyhooligan says:

    Also I get some acne but my skin is so dry I have a hard time wearing
    foundation do you have any recommendations for full coverage foundation for
    dry skin? Drug store products seem to always break me out but it’s probably
    just a coincidence. 

  • kristie roche says:

    i usually get a breakout here and there but lately i have been getting so
    many pimples and my pores are so clogged. soo annoying! i think you should
    stop using your new powder and see if that helps.

  • ainslieannp says:

    I have had acne since 6th grade, I understand how you’re feeling! I
    thought when I turned 30 it would go away, but nope! I have also tried
    everything under the sun. I notice that my skin is better the less acne
    products I use. Good luck hun!

  • britcosmetic says:

    i had bad hormonal acne… (always near my mouth and on my chin) and
    started using birth control- Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo (made to target hormonal
    acne). it cleared my skin pretty fast!! it’ll stay clear too if you wash
    your face everynight. you should try it (-:. 

  • Jesse Nothstein says:

    Maybe it’s the foundation! try more expensive or products that arent
    drugstore! it may help if your sin is sensitive

  • atrendyhooligan says:

    Hey girl you look beautify acne or not but what I wanted to tell you is
    please be careful with IUD I was a health minor in college and I took a lot
    of women’s health classes and they all taught us how dangerous IUDs are for
    young girls. My doctor won’t let any women who still want to get pregnant
    use an IUD. If anything happens with it you can become sterile. I’ve had
    one friend hemorrhage from using one and another who had to have it
    surgically removed because it moved. It’s your body just don’t want
    anything bad to happen to you. 

  • Keegan Zuris says:

    I’m in the same boat as you with not knowing what’s causing my acne. It’s
    rely become a problem for me add I’ve gotten older. I know people talk I
    this foundation a lot but Revlon colorstay really does work well for me
    with covering all my breakouts. I use a fair amount all over then go in
    with more on the breakouts that are showing through. Sometimes i don’t even
    need concealer because the coverage is so good. Ib use this with a blending
    sponge that I got from kohls for around $5. It’s similar to the beauty
    blender and it helps a lot with coverage. They have them at tj maxx too.
    Hope this helps!

  • Carly Humbert says:

    Hope you guys enjoy this video! 🙂

  • nessa yumyum says:

    100 % sure its the birth control no doubt 

  • Rachael Neel says:

    You’re beautiful with or without makeup. Have you tried changing your diet
    and eating clean? When I changed birth control my face broke out in cystic
    acne on my temples and into my hair line. If you’re up for it exercise and
    try to eat as clean as possible, paleo if you can. Eliminate dairy, gluten,
    processed carbs and artificial sweetener from your diet. Watch
    thelovevitamin ‘s videos on acne on YouTube 🙂 when I started eating better
    my face cleared up but I had to quit taking birth control 1 month ago cause
    of awful side effects. Read the book wheatbelly

  • Jen Chapman says:

    Gurl! I totally get it! I was on Mirena for 3 months and it RUINED my skin!
    My body also rejected it so I had to get it removed. Once I did my skin got
    SO much better and I wasn’t sick all the time. Hopefully everything works
    out! Give us an update about your derm appointment. We should do a
    collaboration video together sometime!

  • A Cruz says:

    I noticed you broke out a little more since your wet and wild first
    impression! That foundation broke me out too! Really bad. I loved the
    coverage the first time I used it but I had to stop because it literally
    gave me awful cystic pimples! 

  • CeciLiax4x29x92 says:

    I would stop using covergirl and see how that helps bcz covergirl broke me
    out bad a while back and once I stopped using it mi skin went back to

  • Jada Newbold says:

    your foundation is white…………..why???

  • Jessica Zangari says:

    Your skin seems very similar to mine I just went through a major break out
    after years of maintaining my acne. It was super hormonal and I feel like I
    was where you are now of just not knowing what to do. What worked for me
    was an antibiotic called Doxycycline Hyclate. I have tried multiple kinds
    and this is the only one that cleared my skin. Not to mention I saw a
    difference in 2 days of taking it. You should ask your derm if this would
    be a good choice for you. Also my fav prescription cream – Aczone. Good
    luck with your skin :)


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