Menopause & Hormonal Acne

Menopause & Hormonal Acne

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  • Yasmine A says:

    What about taking estrogen drops/oil. I think it’s natural and would
    increase the estrogen again to balance your hormones. I think my mom is
    taking them instead of some medication that she has to take for the rest of
    her life, which had major side effects.

  • Liudmila says:

    Hi Angie, do you think there is any connection between drinking milk and

  • fab2263 says:

    Hi Angie, I cannot thank you enough for this video! I am 51 and
    experiencing breakouts on my chin that will not clear up with traditional
    treatments (salicylic acid, etc.). Everything that you tried , I have tried
    also. It is frustrating. I would love to try the Rx you are on but I read
    that there is a precaution for people with low blood pressure which I have.
    Nonetheless, I am going to see a dermatologist because nothing else has
    worked. Thank you again for sharing this video, you have really helped this
    menopausal sister out! ; )

  • MsCavalier01 says:

    Great video Angie!!! Very well done and I’m sure it helps a lot of people
    to know they are not alone in this! Hugs, xox Colleen :)

  • mel4414 . says:

    Hi Angie….first of all you have great informative videos! Pertaining to
    this video let me give you some background info on my situation. I’m 38
    years old and I believe I am suffering from hormonal acne because I only
    get breakouts on my chin. I am currently on tetracycline because I also
    have a disease called Hidradenitis Suppurativa, which is my sweat glands do
    not work properly. It’s a very debilitating disease. My dermatologist
    diagnosed me, however she didn’t prescribe the tetracycline. My OBG/YN did.
    Do you think that the Retin-A would help me? I know you are not a doctor
    but you seem very knowledgeable and just wanted to get your opinion. Thank

  • MarvelousVache says:

    Angie! Whatever lipstick you are wearing in this video….is FABULOUS!!
    Looks great on you

  • Norma Chavez says:

    you have great skin!!!!!

  • C Van Berg says:

    Here’s what I did for exactly the same condition…I’m 55 🙂 (I’m already
    on Tazorac, glycolic, topical vitC, and keep my skin scrupulously
    exfoliated. Also have a very clean paleo diet.) Went to the health food
    store and consulted with the naturopath, who gave me a supplement called
    EstroSense (not affiliated). Keeps the liver clear and balances the
    Estrogen/Progesterone hormones. Nothing has ever worked like this for me.
    Took about 2-3 weeks to see improvement, but boy, did I see improvement.
    I take 2 capsules divided, a day. Anywho…this was my solution. Best of
    luck to you!

  • MsTipsycolada says:

    Oh please don’t tell me I have this to look forward to? I had horrible
    hormonal acne in my early 30’s and had to go on Accutane.I haven’t had a
    zit since and I don’t want to have to take it again because it’s toxic.

  • thatsitable1 says:

    thanks Angie I love these well done! 🙂 xo Lori

  • Rachel Marie says:

    My skin is the worst it’s ever been. I’ve been on Spironolactone but I
    think it quit working. I just recently used some Benzoyl Peroxide and it
    burned the crap out of my face. Now I’m dealing with the burns healing. I
    want my period back!

  • Ellen Bartsch says:

    Thanks so much I could hug you! It all made sense.. Lost my uterus at 26 &
    suffered periodic ovarian cysts. So I’m now sure she suffers too. You made
    me think & Google. I will be passing on the medication info to her. XO

  • Marla Robinson says:

    Thankfully my face actually got better during and after menopause. I swear
    by my tarte maracuja oil. For some reason that serum seems to help clear
    my complexion.

  • msflipflopsandpearls says:

    Angie, I am going through the same thing, I didn’t want to do the
    antibiotic either as I already have low blood pressure so couldn’t do that
    either. I am doing the Retin A but nothing has helped. I will continue to
    watch as always and hope that that this works for you. If I come up with
    anything I will let you know. Got to keep a sense of humor with aging for
    sure lol. 🙂 x Carolyn 

  • allegra1952 says:

    Hi Angie, well cystic ACNE, my enemy since I was teenager! At that time
    (i’m 60 now) the therapy was not advanced, and therefore with my DIY and a
    stupid beautician, my scars become worst..But at the age of 54 when I get
    in menopause, I was recommended to go under low-dosage hormone
    treatment..and it was fine,,and it’s still fine.I do my checking every 6
    months/1 year, and it’s OK…my skin getting better, no more acne, but
    still some few cysts, while scars are fading with microdermabrasion, and
    anti-age routine (retin A, Aha & Vit C…our best friend!)…in few word, I
    should thank my gynecologist and dermatologist. Willing to learn how you
    therapy will work. And I wish it works! Have a great w/e xoxo

  • TheFattuchus says:

    Love your videos. Thanks so much.

  • Alison Self says:

    Thank you so much for this video!!! I also have hormonal acne. I had
    perfect skin all through my teens and twenties and rarely had break outs.
    Then, a few months after I gave birth, I started breaking out horribly. It
    was all from the cheeks down and mostly under my chin. I am a very happily
    married, secure woman, but it really hurt my self esteem too. Trying to
    lose the baby weight plus the acne made me feel so ugly I wouldn’t even try
    with make up because I thought it was useless. My husband would always
    reassure me, but I didn’t feel good in my skin. Finally I saw a
    dermatologist and took antibiotics until I got it under control. Now I
    don’t take a prescription, but I use a salicylic acid face wash everyday. I
    kind of hate it because it’s drying, but every time I stop using it, I
    start breaking out again. I love your videos! Your so relatable, I am 31,
    but still get great tips from your videos. Plus I believe in wrinkle
    prevention and believe it’s never too early to take good care of your skin!

  • Sunny Valentino says:

    Suki skin care is the best

  • gmillhouse says:

    Are you still loving the CC cream from IT cosmetics? What is your opinion
    of the type of finish it gives? I do not like dewy and I think I remember
    you saying you do not either.

  • Susan Buchanan says:

    Oh Angie…I’m 58 and I have gone through the same thing you are going
    I had clear skin forever until this fall. Although it very well may be
    menopausal acne you have, I can’t say 100% that is my story. One thing that
    causes terrible breakouts is soap left on the skin.Since I use a Clarisonic
    I was really getting my skin clean…but what about rinsing afterward???
    THAT was my problem.
    I did not get the cleanser off my face properly. Now I do, & SUDDENLY, no
    breakouts. I just had to mention this to you. 🙂 You look beautiful and I
    see your cheeks are plump like a young girl…yep, new Olay Cream your
    using I bet!


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