Juice Recipe for Acne and Beautiful Skin

Cure your acne at home with this healthy juice recipe. The ingredient in this juice will help detoxify your body, balance your hormones and possibly even pre…
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23 Responses to Juice Recipe for Acne and Beautiful Skin

  • enrica salvi says:

    New video you re a very beautiful girl <3 i love you

  • cierahoesing says:

    Why don’t you make videos very much anymore?

  • Alyssa Gonga-Cave says:

    Makeup tutorial please?

  • meimei wan says:

    new video please,miss you

  • xxAmericanbeautyXoxo says:

    I’ve been juicing for a week now I love it thanks for the new recipe :)

  • sweetpea says:

    how do u stay so thin? can u do a video on that?
    btw where have you been???? no more videos? :(

  • mizzpinkDiamonds says:

    Love it.. I juice all the time its awesome. check out my juicing video =)

  • meikoblock says:

    Thanks kassandra! I’m going to try this juice today

  • Golden girl says:

    When are u making another video???

  • navygirlist says:


  • Kazuya MASUDA says:
  • MissKassandraBrooks says:
  • Lisa Murphy says:

    Just the thought of a Snickers turns my stomach. 

  • cmll2sexy says:

    Thank u 4 sharing, I’m going to start juicing

  • paulinanicole21 says:

    Excited to try this out. Your so pretty too!

  • Lovin Niea says:

    Awesome! More juicing videos please!!!!

  • aughy97 says:

    I’m gonna try this out

  • thisismegin says:

    Very informative video! I always put an apple in my juice too, but I have
    never tried beet in my juice, I will be trying that asap!! I had no idea
    the pulp was what was making my juice bitter from the orange, I thought I
    was just picking bad oranges!!

  • Katooshie's World says:

    Kassandra, wonderful video. I hope you do MORE videos about juicing. Dan
    MacDonald is the juice expert on youtube. His channel is Liferegenerator.
    His videos are a wealth of health and juicing info.. Thanks!

  • Chelsea Dawson says:

    I’m about to start accutane next month. I’m a little nervous but my doctor
    made the side effects seem like they will never happen. Except for the
    dryness of course. Deff going to try this juice in the mean time. Thanks
    for your tips. I really look up to you, someone who is so beautiful and
    suffers from acne. It makes me feel like things will get better for me lol

  • ShellsnTexas says:

    Kass, you are a blast! I always buy 6 organic lemons. then, either have
    hot lemon water with honey & salt or have the cooler lemonade in the
    afternoon especially in the summer. They say it’s got electrolytes and
    cleans the liver, therefore emproves hormone balance. Also for reducing
    estrogen dominant symptoms, I am trying to quit my coffee/green tea/chai
    addiction. who needs crack!? the juicing & lemonade help–but it ain’t
    easy…but i not give up! Love,

  • Monkey Baby says:

    Vlogging videos 

  • Monika Marciniak says:

    Your skin looks amazing Cassandra! Please do an updated skin video..
    everything you did to get rid of acne scars etc. I know you did the laser
    treatment, microderm, juicing what advice do you have for us fold that
    struggle with scars and discoloration? thank you:)


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