How to Treat Adult Acne [ Epi #494]

How to Treat Adult Acne [ Epi #494]

Dr. Schultz, in other episodes, has discussed the causes of adult acne, and in this episode of DermTV, he discussed how to treat adult acne. Subscribe to Der…
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  • Aimee Holmes says:

    There are just 3 ways to clear acne pimples: unclog pores, destroy
    bacteria, and decrease oil… unfortunately, lots of people don’t keep in
    mind the right way to do appropriately

  • HOH says:

    I’m 50 and my skin is 20x’s more oily than when I was a teen. I have not
    had children. I have been in estrogen dominance my whole life. I have a BSN
    and I worked in obstetrics for most of my career. This is bullshit. There
    is something seriously wrong with our hormones. My estrone to estradiol
    ratio is .70. way too low of the good estrogens…and too much kicked up
    like my body is trying to get pregnant. I have told at least 4 or 5 Dr.s
    that my sex drive is off the scale…off the scale. I’m tired of the potion
    billion dollar business.

    Nothing gets the dirt off my face but a hot facecloth with dish soap
    (emulsifies the grease…my skin is greasy, not oily). I can add
    moisturizer back in if I want, but usually it just clogs my pores and makes
    it worse. Doxycycline works very well, but only while u r on it. Benzyl
    Peroxide is more of a hassle than a help. Acnomel works very well, but
    cystic acne is a bit hard for it to handle. Retin A perscription worked but
    again the hassle…have to wait a week sometimes to c my doc.

    I think some might b makeup contamination…I’ve gone to a powder
    foundation now, need to find a good cover stick that there is no double
    dipping with.

    My girlfriend said in 7 years I have not seen u without a blemish, and my
    male friend texts me: Howzit going?

  • olga jane says:

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  • Makeup Advisory says:

    It took me a long time before I found something that would treat my adult
    acne. You are right I think a lot of the products were not suited to my
    skin. I have the best skin ever now though

  • Neal Schultz MD says:

    How to Treat Adult Acne

  • Marina F says:

    indeed, pcos is more common than youd think. a lot of women dont know they
    have it. and one of the mais

  • Rainy5062002 says:

    me too. I’m using it now

  • geezeweezebabypls says:

    what the end suppose to mean?

  • LittleMissForty says:

    Causation can rarely be proven with any drug…I am saying my friend took
    it in her teenage years, got leukaemia six months later and died. At best I
    would is not an innocuous drug and the pros and cons carefully

  • Kokainuser says:

    Are you implying that this stuff causes Leukaemia ?

  • bostonterrorsb says:

    Listerine the original kind I use for acne spots. Works wonders. Use a
    cotton ball put Listerine on it. Set it on pimple hold for a one min. Gone
    the next day.

  • LULI_MAKEUP says:

    accutane change my life

  • satirida says:

    ty doc!

  • LunaL00ny says:

    I’m 25 and still have severe acne. My doctor won’t give me (ro)Accutane
    because of my depression, and ironically acne is one of the things that
    makes me depressed. I’ve tried different antibiotics, AHA’s/BHA’s, natural
    skincare, tried not to irritate my skin by just washing and moisturising,
    the lot. Is it really not possible for me to get accutane? :-S

  • MakeupVeroFalso says:


  • dermTVdotcom says:

    Welcome. Thanks for watching!

  • Vicky Bergin says: You can try it risk free The best acne treatment ever

  • olderthanmenow says:

    can you please give your views on the pmd (personal microderm)?

  • dizzyk54 says:

    Thanks, I love your videos, they are always so informative and
    understandable. Vicki

  • Busy Mama says:

    We apply more chemicals to our face now than we did 20 years ago could that
    have something to do with why there is more adult acne now? Especially
    chemicals that are recognized to be hormone disrupters …

  • Yissel Herrera says:

    Just subscribed!:)

  • Marina F says:

    *one of the main side effects are acne and facial hair


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