How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Acne scars are really best addressed in a dermatologist’s clinic. Scarring is a sign that the damage to the skin has gone deep…
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  • Isobel West says:

    The good news is you don’t have to live with your scar any more. You really
    could take out your scar, no matter with how big, how long you’ve had,
    permanently without costly and unsafe procedure – all in a natural way

  • Kk Æ says:

    dafuq the text is so small.. better find another video zzz cant read it

  • Kate Nunez says:

    Don’t make vids sound like robots. It sucks sort of like that and it makes
    it a headache. 

  • Cristian Mancillas says:

    I heard vinegar works, and lemon, and baking soda. So I get whitening
    baking soda with peroxide toothpaste, lay it out on a bowl. Pour vinegar in
    the bowl. Cut a lemon into fourths. Pour some juice in it, cut most of the
    lemon out leaving a little along with the peel, and I rub that on my face.
    After I mix the three inside the bowl. And use either qtips or gently dip a
    napkin and rub it around your face. I’ve done it in a day and I shit you
    not. It’s been working! Never mind all the trolls that commented under.
    Please guys I recommend you try that mixture. (: Don’t forget to buy
    moisturizing cream, or moisturizing soap for your face. And drink lots of
    water. (:

  • Alex Szucs says:

    Use acid it burn all your skin and face leaving no scars 

  • Gloria J. Covert says:

    Great Clip! Give many thanks.

  • Angela Hayes says:

    *Your body is capable of taking care of your scars and they will get
    lighter with time. However, if you expose them to sun, their healing
    process will slow down and the scars will get darker. So, avoid sun.*

  • Sunny Xu says:

    does lime work

  • Domi Nacuc says:

    The excellent news here! You can actually get rid of your unwanted scar
    completely in only 3 months, using organic technique.

  • Echeverria434 says:

    What if u don’t wash wash off the lemon juice for hours?

  • clara petrus says:

    Are you struggling to get rid of acne? Follow HEREPA. com 

  • OMGits Kakashi says:

    I got hair

  • Hannah Ashlyn says:

    This is fucking pointless. Thanks alot.

  • Shane Jones says:

    Im 14 years old, and I started getting serious acne when I was 11. I used
    to have the really bad acne, the ones that are like huge and take months to
    go away, at one point I had over 20 on me. I HIGHLY suggest going to a
    dermatologist and just tell them you want accutane those antiobiotics and
    all that shits a joke. Accutane is the real deal. Hopefully nobody else in
    the world has skin like me though because it makes me feel like shit. I’ve
    never seen anyone in my whole life with skin half as bad as mine.

  • Nizand KiKi says:

    HEY GUYS, check out our raw honey mask that seriously is a great way to get
    rid of hyper pigmentation! 

  • Stella Jacobs says:

    Use bio oil

  • Harry Barr says:

    I have had acne on my face since the age of nine and I’m twelve now. I have
    always squeezed my spots, is it too late? 

  • Markus Martinez says:

    wtf is spamming

  • Maryam I. Hassan says:

    There is enough spamming on this video but as someone that has suffered
    with acne since 13 and then the scars afterwards because i was stupid
    enough not to listen when i was told not to touch my spots…i know there
    are genuine people who would want genuine advise. Like everyone ive tried
    everything and honestly acne scars take there time in disappearing but to
    speed it up one thing that genuinly helps is this soap i tried and still
    do. Maybe i’ll help someone out there. Just google taoist soap..should be
    the first link i think. And those with spots…STOP TOUCHING THEM! 😐 Good
    luck <3 <3

  • Desiree Deserrano says:

    I suffered from acne for many many years just up until a few months ago
    actually. I have been using Arbonne products, skin care and makeup and it
    is the ONLY product that has worked for me. I used Proactiv, Clinique, and
    tons of other products for years, but it never cleared up my skin. Arbonne
    is amazing and affordable as well. I signed up as a consultant so I could
    enjoy the 35% discount! If anyone is looking for VEGAN products formulated
    using plants and herbs, let me know. Everyone deserves to have beautiful

  • delia nik says:

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  • amalia lyss says:

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  • nadia niky says:

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  • manuel reyes says:

    Lemon works thank you so much …hope you have a happy life and god bless

  • kalsoom khan says:

    Can you do this daily for wrinkles on forehead? what can you use for under
    eyes? Any suggestion for dry hands?

  • CurlaayPrincess S says:

    Hey I use this too but warning don’t use it on your brows it can lighten

  • Meghan F. Harvey says:

    It is possible to heal acne completely, regain your clear skin without
    medications, lotions; without worrying about scars and side-effects. No
    matter what type of acne you’ve – with very simple technique you will never
    imagine, all in a natural way

  • Miss Maliq says:

    From where to buy it ?

  • pookymouth says:

    You look like Ariana Grande!

  • siriin sabbah says:

    Thanks my face is glowing

  • Carolina Alii says:

    I tried it, it’s awesome

  • Roxana Cruz says:

    does it work for blackheads

  • Sophie Beardall says:

    How do r u so pretty with no makeup on?!?! I look like a troll from the
    underworld when I have no makeup in but u just look stunning!! Not fair!!!

  • Hana Swan says:

    Why you have to avoid the eyes?

  • Ivan Vagas says:

    Can I use regular honey than raw honey?

    Those last 2 products you put were can I but that ?

  • Mingaile Lailai says:

    I just used it and now my skin is all covered in red. Is it normal? I don’t
    think I’m allergic to honey..:(

  • Mashie Nur says:

    Thanks for the amazing video AnnieJaffrey!♡ Truly happy how much difference
    it made on my skin this past few days. Will never switch to any honey

  • cassia bonny says:

    If you’re struggling with acne then go to HEREPA com for a permanent way
    to quickly get rid of zits and scars. Visit HEREPA com and check it out!
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  • jessica cortes says:

    Someone help they you heat it up befor putting on

  • mehak khan says:

    From where i can find this raw honey??

  • Kimberly Izaguirre says:

    I loveeee your videos♡♡♡♡

  • pickpocket says:

    You’re so beautiful x 

  • CatBug says:

    Can I use regular honey instead of raw honey?

  • shontaemiller2 says:

    Does raw honey smell bad? Mines smell like sweet garbage


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