HOW TO: Get Rid of Acne Scars & Pimples!

HOW TO: Get Rid of Acne Scars & Pimples!

Here are my TOP 5 TIPS on how to get rid of acne scars and pimples. These are acne fighting tips where you’ll learn everything from acne skin care products t…

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  • Kachii3 says:

    Great tips Jen, definitely gonna try the warm towel.. I just came back from
    Asia, and my skin is TERRIBLE )):

  • Ruth Acosta says:

    Soaking your face in a bowl of sea salt water for 20 minutes , 3-4 times a
    week (really warm water) helps get rid of my scars and reduce the redness

  • Life of Bel says:

    I’ve never heard of the one with the warm towel. I’ll definitely try it!!
    Thank you for all your wonderful tips! I’m really glad I found your
    channel! I hope you’re having a lovely day! :)

  • Karen I says:

    Great video! Keep up the great work!

  • Corey Sullivan says:

    New subscriber! Thanks for the great tips :)

  • chiutips says:

    NEW VIDEO IS UP! Here are my TOP 5 Acne Fighting Tips. I’ll cover acne
    fighting foods to natural skin care products. I hope you guys enjoy it 🙂
    Love, Jen

  • Mary Baker says:

    1 more subscriber. :D

  • Yasmin Gough says:

    The good thing is is you don’t have to live with your scar any longer. You
    probably could clear away your scar, no matter with what size, how long you
    have had, permanently without having costly and risky procedure – all in a
    natural way

  • aquamarynqa says:

    I recently found out that regularly drinking water with fresh ginger pulp,
    honey and lemon helps reduce the redness and inflamation 🙂 Just remember
    not pour super hot water over it, cause it’ll kill all the good stuff in
    honey 🙂 After a week or so I was surprised that my skin started to look
    better :3

  • 15Musicbox says:

    do you still use the same technique for your eyebrows? they look so good!

  • Sanna Karlin says:

    Something that I do is steam my face 1-2 times a week (keep over boiling
    hot water for 5-10 minutes) and then apply a clay face mask (I use the
    Indian healing clay). On a daily basis I dabb some tea tree oli on my
    blemishes, and all of this makes a HUGE difference in my skin 🙂 As natural
    as possible is the way to go! :D

  • Nilvoiz says:

    Does tea tree oil help remove acne and acne scars?

  • clarie wong says:

    Omg babe, so flawless!! xx

  • FindYourKind says:

    Use apple cider vinegar as a toner, make sure to change your pillowcases
    regularly and wipe down your phone with some sort of antibacterial spray.
    Theses things have really helped me out! Also, for scars; you can use tea
    tree oil or coconut oil. Keep in mind that acne can be an internal issue,
    so if you are not eating healthy, this can show up on your skin! 

  • tatuQueen says:

    Oh! And i also put some eggwhite sometimes before bed on the really nasty
    once or the once who are big and red with a little q-tip :3
    (Facial maks also do really good of you put it on once a week. I recomend
    the noe from Yves Rocher and the mint one from Lush) 

  • tatuQueen says:

    I always wash and clean my skin every morning and night before bed. I use
    the scrub from Yves Rocher (i think i wrote that right) and it has been a
    miracle on my skin. And i use a cream from a norwegian series called Ren.
    And i never touch or try to squeze my pimples. It just make it so much
    Its just small things and a day to day rutine that really do help. At least
    for me 🙂 

  • jodam96 says:

    Do you have any tips on how to get rid of constipation? ? Apart from the
    obvious; water, exercise, fibre. 

  • Alina Abdulazeez says:



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