How to Get Rid of Acne & Acne Scars

How to Get Rid of Acne & Acne Scars

How to get rid of acne & acne scars with organic and all-natural skincare. I prefer it to be paraben free, oil-free, fragrance free because I have sensitive …
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  • MsTrueHappiness says:

    +Aminul Kazi funny thing, I have a DEGREE in chemistry and I work in
    cosmetic chemistry, but yeahhhhhh.. I have no idea “of science”… and you
    have no idea what correct grammar is. Get a life and click the “X” if you
    don’t want to see my video!

  • MsTrueHappiness says:

    @yayosmomma thanks, hunnay!!!!!!

  • MsTrueHappiness says:

    +Millyjazz yassss!!! I know exactly what you mean! I did the same lol Let
    me know how it works for you!

  • Danielle White says:

    Omg like how cute is this girl love your videos

  • lapojya says:

    Did painted earth and face wash help with dark spots too?

  • amber aneesahh says:

    What’s your opinion on the “simple” face products?

  • MissCandii22 says:

    I drink like 2-4 water bottles everyday but I’m only 16 and those
    cleansers and stuff aren’t affordable for me :(, do you think cetaphil is a
    good natural cleanser?

  • Lucia Avila says:

    U just got another subscriber. :)

  • K Ebody says:

    I pretty got EVERYTHING you talked about after watching this video lol and
    i just got my painted earth stuff in the mail yesterday! I’m really excited
    to try it 🙂 I’ve tried everything else (proactive, high end, drugstore,
    etc) and NOTHING works for me. So I hope my search is over thanks for this
    video. I appreciate how you provide an alternative to benzol and sal- acid
    im just over that it doesnt work and just irritates my skin! You are so

  • Neida Valenzuela says:

    Lol I like you. You seem like yuh know dam right what your talking about
    l.. Your funny lol

  • TeamICE says:

    Your pretty

  • Jun Taka says:

    I just found your video and you gave me all info that I was looking. Thank

  • Chi J says:

    foundation and highlighting routine please!! your face looks amazing 

  • Nadia Posada says:

    would you please share the links where I can get the products you use.Tx

  • Jennifer G says:

    I always had pimples grow in my nose and forehead, a few not a lot..but
    they’re very noticeable and big ;( I don’t know what to do..hopefully this
    vid helps (;

  • jjsmom20 says:

    Small world, we are in the same city

  • TyromejacksonVIII says:

    Your so beautiful

  • Dominique .Trotman says:

    That is soo true I never went to the dermatologist, but that’s all that
    matters to them, is getting that money in their pockets

  • Nizand KiKi says:

    Hey you guys! Check out our raw honey mask that’s a great way to get rid of
    hyper pigmentation on the skin! It’s so good for the skin and gentle enough
    to do 3 times a week! 🙂 

  • Tessa Gray says:

    What kind of acne scars did you have? Just dark pigmentation scars or deep
    indented acne scars? and did these products help for the deeper scars? I
    really want to know cause your skin seems really clear.

  • ashley rothe says:

    I was just diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. I have a terrible
    hormonal imbalance and have had bad breakouts that won’t go away. I just
    started using the JB blemish clearing serum. What is the name of the was
    you use in this video? I agree 100% that acne prone skin=sensitive skin!
    Nice video, thanks for your suggestions. I’m thinking of buying the peel
    and moisturizer as well.

  • Elizabeth Santiago says:

    I love your Periodic Table pillows!

  • Scarlet Red says:

    Great video you’re very funny when describing the situation lol

  • Niara Moore says:

    Bless you. I just bought juice beauty, and you def. confirmed my purchase.
    I’m going try the other products after depending on my reaction to the jb
    starter kit. THANK YOU! Helping a lot of people out <3

  • Brittany Gorman says:

    your awesome! you actually didn’t bore me to death! thank you for the


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