How to CURE your ACNE!! (My Acne Story)

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24 Responses to How to CURE your ACNE!! (My Acne Story)

  • Dawson Davis says:

    So few people have heard about this stuff. I had Acne for 10 years before I
    found it. I know they stopped doing the cream over here on prescription. I
    know you cant use it in summer, if your pregnant and it makes your skin
    peal like crazy at first. (And what ever you do, dont put it under your
    eyes!! Cant stress that enough.) So I doubt its got nice stuff in it. But
    it got rid of my acne in 3 weeks…and it has never come back. Wasn’t using
    it long enough for side effects. Would still recommend. 

  • Annie Nguyen says:

    If you had dry skin you should have exfoliated or wait an hour and use

  • Danielle F. Martone says:

    I feel ugly being a former acne patient thought I would undoubtedly die
    with acne

  • Teresa Green says:

    I’m on the cream 0.025% and spirolactone pills for hormonal acne is what I
    have. Do you wait 30 to 40 mins before you apply it that helps. So happy it
    is working for you!

  • Roberto Carrillo says:

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    **WARNING** This Popular Acne Drug is One of the Most Dangerous Drugs Ever
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  • tina health and wealth says:

    platinum skin care tca is great for scarring

  • Miley Cruise says:

    +Arlyne Sanjines you have gorgeous looking skin! can’t believe you had acne
    before, anyway do u have any recommendations on how to cure acne scars? I
    have been using this amazing product which uses light wave to kill acne
    bateria and to stop acne from popping out again, it’s working very well for
    me, but the scars of existing acne still remains :(

  • saralovesyoux3 says:

    Can you put face lotion on after you apply this at night? Or serums ? 

  • Emily Keller says:

    Is there a way i can get in touch with you 

  • Dado101G says:

    Great video , If anyone else is learn the most effective hints for getting
    rid of your acne condition try ‘banfan incredible acne genie’ (do a search
    on google)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my buddy got
    amazing results with it. 

  • shashi reddy says:

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    find a useful free video explaining the way to eliminate acne fast. This
    made it possible for Kevin to get attractive clear skin within 4-8 weeks.
    It may help you out also.

  • linda w says:

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  • imb0ssy says:

    Retin-A completely changed my skin for the better too! i have the same
    percentage but the cream version. I’ve been using it for years and it has
    faded my acne scars and I hear it prevents wrinkles too. Yay! And that’s
    good that you’re using it the recommended way. Don’t ever make the mistake
    of putting on Retin-A and going out in the sun – I did that and got a
    painful sunburn.

  • Martha Robinson says:

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  • Pendaz11 says:

    and at what point do i rub olive oil onto my balls?

  • Ann Simons says:

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  • Biquis Vadillo says:

    Hi Arlyne, are you still using it?

  • Rhys Morton-Ross says:

    Acne can be cured! its just that we have been programmed to use products
    that treat the SYMPTOM (the pimples, spots, redness, itching etc) and not
    to deal with what causes acne, acidic body, hormonal acne, toxic build-up,
    poor diet. To cure acne you have to deal with treating the CAUSE and not
    just the SYMPTOM.

  • joni sala says:

    I mix mine with neutrogena naturals moisturizer. Seems to be working great.
    I’m 2 weeks in.

  • John Jones says:

    roactiv worked a little for me and it really dried the heck out of my face.
    what really worked was skincarek. get the line below into your browser I
    hope it can help you as It has helped me a lot. dealing with acne it is not

  • Rose De la Grena says:

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  • Laura Brown says:

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  • Selma C says:

    how does olive oil work? how do you use it?

  • Kathleen Mia says:

    Ur face wasnt tht bad haha ….


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