How to Avoid Shaving Irritation with Acne & Oily Skin | Gillette

If you have oily skin or acne, shaving can be a pain. Avoid shaving irritation with good techniques and using the best products for you.…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to How to Avoid Shaving Irritation with Acne & Oily Skin | Gillette

  • LordVader1094 says:

    An ad that is actually educational? Well I’ll be…

  • wivat Chanpaibool says:


  • CaneloTwilight* says:

    Nice :)

  • Gillette says:
  • olga tascau says:

    Do You Spend A Lot of Money On Drugs and Over The Counters That Do Not Seem
    To Work? Try HEREPA. com 

  • Kaleia Love says:

    Use African Black Soap! That soap is magic ! My face was worse than yours
    and my skin is almost completely clear. Try it girl!

  • sonata1618 says:

    You should try African Black Soap. It has really helped with my acne scars
    and the overall tone of my skin. Don’t use the black one but the brown one.
    The results are gradual but there will be results!

  • Malika Bala says:

    I think a lot of the time, your hormones are going crazy and taking the
    pills balanced your hormones out. Now if you don’t take them I don’t think
    your skin will go bad again it’s just for that time you had to balance them

  • RAVEN ELYSE says:

    An update on my skin since my acne journey.

  • carmen d says:

    When you get breakouts you should try using banana peels.. I’m just
    starting but I thought you should too.. If you want of course.

  • Lovely Babe Estoista says:

    Please try dermaroller for you acne scars. :))

  • KevesGaelle says:

    I went off the birth control about 4 times during the past 7 years; every
    single time I had perfect skin till the 4th or 5th month being off it, but
    after this I started to break out like crazy. Just to say that the bc is
    still effective during the first few months right after you’re off it, so
    you need to wait more to be sure that it isn’t related. For scars lemon
    juice works wonders! Congrats on your improvement – Wish you the best :-)

  • jey sou says:

    Girl I was in Accutane from 2011-2012 and after the whole treatment my skin
    look almost perfect , I was In birth control from 2012-2014 and I stop
    using them on march 2014 that was. The worst mistake ever after a month my
    skin star breaking out pretty much every day awful , I guess an hormonal
    imbalance ,now I’m in clyndamicin and if doesn’t work the dr is going to
    put me in Accutane again but this time I won’t use birth control, I will
    use mirena and and a second birth control method but hormones never again

  • Chelsea Harden says:

    I have been watching your skin journey for a while, and your skin looks
    great! I respect you so much for posting those vids and staying confident
    through the breakouts! I too have struggled with acne for a longgg time and
    its like when I stopped using the expensive, strong products is when my
    skin improved.

    My skin was addicted to Proactiv, but now I use Raw African Black soap
    which is only around $4 and Cetaphil face moisturizer daily, thats it!
    (With the exception of face masks & scrubs but those are also natural

    Switching to natural products can be scary, but your skin will thank you!
    Natural products will tone your skin, get rid of the scarring and slow the
    aging in the long run unlike harsh chemicals. I know I was terrified to
    take a more natural approach, I thought only harsh chemicals could “fix” my

    I also take a low dose of BC, Ive cut back on foods I think trigged a
    reaction on my face like dairy & soy and Ive been making sure to drink at
    least 1.5 liters of water a day, which I believe has helped a lot as well!
    My skin has transformed! Good luck staying clear girl I know your pain!

  • Stephanie Iraheta says:

    What brand of birth control did you use?! I’m in that horrible process like
    you were 2 years ago! I’m trying to figure out my skin to clear it up like
    yours! I’m happy your skin clear up! 🙂 hopefully mine clears up pretty
    soon also

  • magnificent1408 says:

    I had a baby a month ago. I’m here to tell you as someone who has hormonal
    acne that it will take about 6 months to a year before you start breaking
    out after stopping birth control. Now, my acne is just like yours was
    before and I’m battling getting it back on track. Its horrible what we
    have to deal with. Just a note.

  • Jenifer Okoye says:

    What an amazing transformation from your Skin Journey video! This was so
    inspiring 🙂 I’m happy for you!

  • GorJessGem says:

    You should try Michael Todd Organics Lemon Toner!! I have SUPER sensitive
    acne prone skin and that toner is a GOD send!

  • Kaela Amour says:

    Your skin looks so good!! Im so jealous I wish mine disappeared :(

  • Teresa Green says:

    Yes birth control did the trick

  • Dalony 32321 says:

    Try some of that frank coffee scrub I been hearing lots of people say how
    good it is and I saw some before and after pics of there face with the
    scaring and it helped them maybe you might want to give it a try it’s about
    $15.00 for a bag. Also maybe bio oil, shea butter, vitamin e oil all these
    things are suppose to be good for scaring I had scaring but my fades away
    quick on its own. Idk if you would want but they have bleaching cream it
    takes time to get it to work but your is not dark dark scars so it should
    take less time. They also have a product called rein-a micro idk if you
    used it before but it’s a acne topical cream and my dermotoligst gave me
    some samples on it and it’s been know for helping with acne and scaring and
    even fine lines the only thing is it causes peeling of the skin because it
    taking the old dead skin and building a new layer of skin which means your
    scared skin will be gone with the dead skin and they even have exfoliating
    scrubs that works wonder I have clogged pores and closed comedomes acne the
    most annoying acne to try to get rid of and I been exfoliating and I use
    clean and clear moisturizer and my. Topical cream and my skin is starting
    to look new again. Luv your videos btw..

  • Wena Castro says:

    Did you stop using cetaphil? Im only 14 and Im starting to use it. I just
    really dont know how to use it properly.


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