HOW I SAVED MY SKIN!! cetaphil,, acne RANT!

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18 Responses to HOW I SAVED MY SKIN!! cetaphil,, acne RANT!

  • DelBoy says:

    That ending

  • Colby Cunigan says:

    Damn I do that too the mirror bathroom thing.

  • trdtdtd says:

    U got pretty green eyes!

  • Ali Long says:

    You do realize that your update included in the top line, is set to
    private, yes?

  • Chaw Ki says:

    I can related to you

  • Wena Castro says:

    Im only 14 yrs old and I have i dont know what kind of acne this is but it
    is so disgusting, its ALL OVER my face, and its like a dead skin idontknow
    that makes me stay in the house and never go out. I also do the mirror
    thing in the car, and everytime i look myself in it, Ill run to my house
    and cancel whatever im planning to do before it happens. And now, im
    starting to use Same cleanser and I can’t say that its working(its been a
    week since I started using it). And Im gonna start using my Cetaphil
    Moisturizing cream for chronic dry, sensitive skin(even I have oily skin)
    later before I go to sleep. Oh, I also love this video!

  • Stephanie Salan says:

    I almost cried at the same part in this video where you almost cried. I can
    relate to a lot of your experience. 

  • MegaPink129 says:

    I FEEL YOU! We basically had the same feeling about acne! 

  • The Hopeful ASMRist says:

    I had moderate acne between the ages of 13-21. After years of soaps and
    creams it finally stopped. At the age of 38 I still get one or two
    occasional pimples. I was also envious of girls with clear skin. I have a
    few scars on my face today and a few angiomas- look that up-My skin is
    still not the way I’d like. Anyway in no time you may outgrow the acne.
    Just keep up the routine for now.

  • misskingstonjamcutie says:

    you are very pretty

  • Cassie A says:

    You are so adorable! You remind me of my sister. You’re beautiful. 

  • makeitnicewithice says:

    i look like milla 

  • Jason Lawrence says:

    Thanks I used to feel the same way now I’m supermodel good looking yay this
    stuff can’t wait to try it I don’t need it but I will buy it just to be

  • Angelo Dee says:

    I feel you. :(

  • sovietchampagne says:

    I have dermatillomania — this is going to sound weird but this is what I
    live for

  • Sherri Brawn says:

    God I need some serious help!! Watch one video, and before I know it an
    hour has passed without realizing……………..

  • Xainlrd says:

    At 1:14 won’t the lance/slit/comedone pressure leave a scar? Or will the
    skin be able to fully recover from something like that? Because that slit
    was pretty big.

  • Deborah Kemp says:

    OMG….you’re in the perfect line of work to share these videos with us!
    More videos please!


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