How I got rid of my acne by eating fruits and veggies

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Say Goodbye To Your Acne: ▻▻▻ ◅◅◅ Seven Easy Ideas to Get Rid of Acne Acne is a concern of a lot of people around the globe. It a…
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44 Responses to How I got rid of my acne by eating fruits and veggies

  • helicart says:

    Tell what you were eating before. Sounds like you never touched a vegetable
    or piece of fruit in your life. Probably a fast food junkie who didn’t
    drink enough water.

    You could have just changed to any healthy diet and got rid of your acne.
    You don’t have to do 1200 Calorie datorade every morning. You’ll end up
    with vitamin deficiencies following DurianRider and Freelee’s advice. 

  • raysofgreys says:

    How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking? 

  • Antosha007 says:

    Your skin looks amazing now! I’m so happy for you. Since you said you only
    use natural products, what do you use to wash your face and hair? What
    about moisturizers and shaving cream?

  • missmiuaw says:

    Super cool and inspirational video and congratulations on your insight.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Johan van den Berg says:

    You look great! congrats :)

  • mmmonieux says:

    thank you for the advice, i have been looking for videos of personal
    stories as it seems there could be alot of product endorsements on YT, but
    you are genuine and healthy

  • kasia g says:

    Great results, congrats! Have you told your dermatologists what you have
    done? They need to be told… for the sake of their other patients:-)

  • GirlStyle says:

    i’m going to try everything you said to see if my face change.. 

  • Luis Santana says:

    How long until ur acne was gone completely? Im on the raw vegan and I still
    have acne and I being on it like almost 6 months.

  • BlossomedLove says:

    love it 🙂 so inspirational!

  • HK Jonny says:

    +The Raw Boy What about nuts and almond milk/ butter? Unsweetened/

  • usaki0502 says:

    Very inspiring!! I’m also starting only eating fruits and vegetables!! (but
    i eat clean broiled egg to get protein…guess that’s fine??)

  • GirlStyle says:

    thank youu, I made a video in spanish where I have acne :”( i try
    everything but now it’s getting better

  • Debbie Dailey says:

    Muy buen hecho! You have such a fantastic communication style!
    Congratulations, Ernesto!

  • The Fruit Doctor says:

    I made a video about the science behind diet and acne and mentioned you. 🙂

    Get Rid of Acne and Get Beautiful Skin

  • KommenSieSpielster says:

    Wow, you answered my question about the acne scars in the video. Congrats
    on healing your body and skin. I had the same acne journey that i healed
    with raw foods. And i used to go to dermatologists who also said food
    didn’t affect acne. Imagine trained professionals being so ignorant and
    wrong! They gave me creams that damaged my skin, but worse of all- put me
    on accutane. So glad those days are over. I am subscribed now to your
    channel and hope to see more from you on this topic. Thank you!

  • Laura Castillejos says:

    Awesome! You look so vibrant! I’m so happy for you! <3 Do you use any
    products on your skin anymore like cleansers, creams etc?

  • livgal6 says:

    How did u get rid of cravings for cooked food?

  • Sandra Bolton says:

    Acabo de suscribirme en tu canal….te encontre por medio del canal de
    Ronald que alguien comento sobre tu canal……por fa… me gustaria que
    hicieras en espanol como te sanaste de l acne …gracias BOY…..TE

  • Eddi3Pwns says:

    Really nice video, what you did was a huge move for yourself and body. A
    lot of people can’t do that. I just wanted to say you’re an inspiration to
    right now. I have been suffering from severe acne for the past 3 years now;
    ever since high school started but you just gave me a lot of faith and
    motivation. I tried everything you named too but none of it worked. So
    thank you for posting those pictures and this amazing video! I do have one
    question, what do you do about protein? And are you really only eating
    fruits and veggies? No nuts, grains, meats, spices?

  • FullyRaw Panther says:

    I had the same skin problems like you and thanks god eating raw food really
    help me too. This is the best choice I ever made yet !! Raw Vegan Lifestyle
    for life ;)

  • Zeta Mejia says:

    And u drink all that juice at once?

  • Erica Mendieta says:

    I admire you and your will power. I just cant find that in me.

  • issac perez says:

    Your asweome (: even doe I been trying to get rid of my acne for over 5
    years aswell my acne has been the same I try every little single thing so
    it can clear off but it never does I get depressed by waking up every
    morning seeing my acne the same all I’m asking is if someone can help me ? 

  • Aquario Blader says:

    I have butt acne and I’m a male.

  • toroloco73 says:

    I would lick and kiss every single pimple from your enticing butt

  • andrew evans says:

    i have exact same thing as that women with the scars and shit

  • kayli smyth says:

    Poor thing.. :/

  • Rouni Muzic says:

    Nice ass

  • mianmitthu says:

    moon landscape….

  • morris malosno says:

    just clean your blood the tree that grows the walnut…. you have to
    use the dry leaves from the walnut tree boil a bunch of dry leaves
    like 2 pounds about 5 gallons of water and drink it for for 2 weeks no
    sodas just this 

  • Phillip Cornelius says:


  • D Upton says:

    please use Roaccutane – it’s the cure – dries the skin

  • bhat zahoor says:


  • KefiraY says:

    Eww the exam was done without gloves

  • jeffrrryyy says:

    that is some bad acne … but she does have a beautiful ass id have my face
    all in it zits and all

  • 127mvm says:
  • Commissar Cain says:

    But definitely no surprise butt seks for her

  • louis harris says:

    “I will never ever ever show my back” yeah well done thats bollocks cos i
    just saw it, and i think the rest of fucking england did aswell.

  • noelle vandergeest says:

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  • Micayla Benjamin says:

    Am so sorry for her she is so beautiful. I just cant imagine myself in that

  • Commissar Cain says:

    I find her quite attractive from a distance of 5 meters even, and even from
    close up she’s still decent looking

  • Edin Tiro says:

    vit d,b12,gluten and sugar free will fix this in month

  • Alexis Terrell says:

    I feel so badd


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