I’m positing this because I’ve learned to not be insecure about my imperfections and to show that with a positive outlook, things really can get better. I’ll…

23 Responses to HOW I GOT RID OF MY ACNE

  • TsAftershock says:

    Aw thank you Kaylee!

    Its never OKAY to pop or pick your pimples, it will eventually lead to
    scaring even if it looks better for the moment, years from now you’ll
    regret it. Popping them will only make the bacteria spread and create more
    zits for you. I don’t exactly have a solution on how you can stop but i
    would advice you to try putting a warm cloth over your pimple, it sometimes
    tends to naturally pop, which would be less damage than if you did it with
    your nails or fingers.

  • TsAftershock says:

    I leave the lemon on my face !

  • Kinzlee Watson says:

    I love your hair! OMG 

  • April Alarcon says:

    Actually junior high.
    I am ashamed 

  • UltimateFashionist says:

    NOBODY LISTEN TO THIS BITCH. She’s giving you false information!

  • cattoy10 says:

    8:05 I just burst out laughing at that part xD

    Also, thank you for the tips, they’re very useful 😀 Especially the Tea
    Tree Oil one.

  • UltimateFashionist says:

    You are so fucking annoying, omg.. Goodbye.

  • brittanyS123 says:

    I had severe acne that calmed down a but to little bumps on the skin,
    including oily skin. So I started using a gentle foaming cleanser made up
    of tea tree oil, and I’ll put some of the oil on a Q-tip and dot the little
    bumps. Does that sound alright for skin? (My moisturizer I use the Garnier
    Moisture rescue gel cream and as a makeup cleanser I use the Bella Terra
    Milky Cleanser)

  • UltimateFashionist says:

    You clearly know nothing about acne sweetheart.. “All they do is get into
    your skin and bleach your pimples..” – are you stupid? Benzoyl peroxide is
    a proven acne treatment and it works by killing the acne causing bacteria
    by exposing them to oxygen. Acne causing bacteria cannot survive in the
    presence of oxygen therefore they die healing your pimples.. Please,
    educate yourself about the topic before you give people “advice”. 

  • Christian Roman says:

    Wow you are adorable thank you for your advice i just realized how much i
    touch my face also rubbing alcohol on your face everyday works great

  • raisa_lovesbaekhyun says:

    Wait, so you don’t wash your face after the lemon? So it’s apply lemon,
    then moisturiser and the straight away the tea tree oil with olive oil?

  • aCesllllllJefrre says:

    Can u reply and list all the products that u use pls

  • Keyli Olivares says:

    Um the lemon can it be green or does it have to be yellow? :/

  • TsAftershock says:

    Dear Adam Welton, if you open up your egotistical ears for just a moment
    and listen to what I say in the video maybe your out look on my video would
    be different. I mentioned in the video how Acne is a part of life and how
    you should embrace your skin for how it is. Not once did I say that your
    skin needs to be clear for people to love you. I understand that friends
    will love you for who you are, and you need to understand that I made this
    video for the love of my friends. I had 22 of my friends ask me to make a
    video on how my skin got better, because they saw actual difference in my
    skin not in my pictures. If you also listen, I say how yes the camera does
    hide a lot but in no way did I photoshop ether of the pictures. I don’t
    want people to think I’m a stunner I honestly don’t care what people think.
    Both of those pictures are true before and after pictures. I even explained
    how i still have scars which you can see in the video. Lastly I also stated
    that everyones skin is different and what I use may not work the same for
    others as it did for me, but people wanted to know my routine, so I posted
    my routine. Thank you! 

  • MP3inoY says:

    Wow i like this video alot. Very informative and clear. Subbed for sure.
    However, i was wondering what are your thoughts on jojoba oil? Is it a good
    moisturizer/acne treatment?

  • Mary Monk says:

    I’m using tea tree oil and cocunut oil in my skin regimen at the moment.
    I’ve been using it for the past 3 days and am already seeing drastic
    changes! Thanks for the video!!! 

  • Donna Day says:

    Does the Baking Soda sting?

  • David Lopez says:

    What if I used almond oil 

  • Tessie Rodriguez says:

    What if I don’t have tee tree oil … were can I get it ? 

  • TheFrostFilly says:

    Omg you look like Elsa….

  • Marilyn Gonzalez says:

    It sucks having acne 🙁 

  • heyimjanice says:

    jesus, you are smart.

  • mycah Smith says:

    OMG.i love how confident u are and ur attitude for acne XD


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