How I Got Rid of Acne

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Acne can occur on any body part, and luckily — Naomi Fenlin can get rid of it, anywhere. This video demonstrates how pimples and blackheads can be extracted…
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37 Responses to How I Got Rid of Acne

  • Shani Grimmond says:

    you’re looking great trish! i’d love if you could check out my beauty
    videos xxx

  • Paige Piskin says:

    your skin looks amazing! <3

  • Makeupbytinu says:

    People don’t have a life. What is wrong with her using many wipes Trisha
    your skin looks awesome. I can’t wait for my skin to clear up so I can do a
    no makeup selfie

  • souljagurlsha says:

    Love all ur tips, Thanx for sharing.

  • Melanie Murphy says:

    My biggest Youtube videos are acne related & this showed up in my sidebar,
    just need to tell you I’ve literally sat here and watched ten of your
    videos in a row & I’m sore from laughing you’re so, so bubbly, positive and
    FUNNY oh my god 🙂 Love it 🙂 New Irish subbie here hun <3 Great tips here
    by the way! xxx

  • BeautyWithBeccaX3 says:

    Proactiv really is amazing for oily skin people. I used it and it really
    does wonders for your skin. I used to get annoyed because I had to touch up
    my makeup 24/7 but when I started using Proactiv and got on a routine my
    skin was so matte and oil like disappeared. 

  • marvelousmollie03 says:

    Your face is looking good girl! :)! You use so many makeup wipes to take ur
    makeup off tho hahaha! Gurl! Wasting money & makeup wipes use the full
    Love ya tho!;)

  • Hannah B says:

    Your hairs too white 🙁 

  • machinegunbunny says:

    Dang trisha can never catch a break everytime I look in the comments
    everyone is critiquing her on how to do things if she wants to use ten
    wipes let her its not none of your money she not asking for donations to
    buy more… your face looks great Trish my mom used proactiv for a short
    time and it cleared her acne up really good!

  • Priscilla Snow says:

    Murad broke me out so bad… really helped clear my acne..its a 3
    step solution too

  • Meghan Hedrick says:

    Trish, everyone’s getting on you about the makeup wipes because it’s
    wasteful and damaging to the environment. All those wipes end up in a
    landfill and sit there FOREVER because they’re not biodegradable. You may
    ask “What difference does that make? A package worth of makeup wipes
    doesn’t take up that much room in my trash can,” but I implore you to do an
    experiment in which you save all your used wipes in a plastic bag and go
    back in a month or two and see just how much they accumulate.

  • Ala Maher says:

    you could get a lot more use out of each wipe

  • vanezez says:

    okay seriously, you can use the whole makeup wipe. not just the side or the
    centre. the ones you use too are hella expensive. you don’t need 6

  • Satoru Iwata says:

    You have to find what is PACIFIC to your skin, peeps. 

  • Trevurr IRL says:

    i used proactiv for a full year and it didn’t change my skin at all i was
    so sad :/

  • blndsundoll4mj says:
  • BrockUhLee123 says:

    I dont have oily skin, and I rarley get zits, but if im honest i think id
    rather have poily and acne prone skin. You can cover acne, and you can use
    oil blotting papers, but I have MAJOR dry skin and I HATE it. MY foundation
    literally looks SO bad 98% of the time. Ive tried everything, exfoliating
    and moisturizing RIGHT before I do my makeup, hours before my makeup, tons
    of different foundations, different techniques of applying foundation, ect.
    But my makeup always looks so gross and my skin is so dry and peely and
    patchy. Especially on my nose, my foundation is just disgusting there and
    makeup enhances the dry parts of my skin, even if I moisturize and
    exfoliate before my makeup and my skin is as smooth as a baby, certain
    parts of my skin just wont accept the foundation. Id personally much rather
    be oily and acne prone skin, but I guess everyone wants what they dont have
    I guess. 

  • Ramella Bacos says:

    So many wipes, why? You can use the same and use the back

  • LovelyTheresa1 says:

    What the chicken wing is up with all these rude comments? All of you need
    to stop talking about Trish. She is a beautiful person and doesn’t deserve
    all this hate. She inspired me to be myself in my youtube videos and not
    give a flying hoot bag what others think. All you trolls can go suck on a
    horse’s tail!

  • angie35 says:

    Proactive made me break out more.Has this happend to anybody else?

  • Natalie Day says:

    I found this tutorial really informative and useful. But I also remember a
    while ago when you said that you got rid of all your acne using SkinAgain
    who were sponsoring you at the time. I do wish you’d be more honest with
    your subscribers who often look to you for advice, you probably wasted a
    lot of people’s money by publicising something that doesn’t work. It’s a

  • PerpetualFeline says:

    What is proactive? A pill?

  • ummmiloveu says:

    is she reading a dang script?

  • HappyChappyable says:

    Is it just me who thinks she’s wasting way too many of those wipes?

  • Thanatos Hypnos says:

    for some strange reason, girls love extracting acne. 

  • Yolee B says:

    wow that camera is really out of focus!

  • SoldierFortune23 says:

    Two questions, actually: How much would it cost to have this professionally
    done, and what stores (if any) sell the equipment that you’ve used in this

  • Michael McAmis says:

    The Indian guy is so much better. SOOOO MANY BLACK HEADS

  • Cooper Rothschild says:

    I got an antique round comedone extractor- much more precise. That thing’s
    too rounded and awkward.

  • specialbethx says:

    Terrible camera work!

  • hell0hkitty says:

    somehow popping zits with those instruments aren’t as nice as two finger

  • Michael Dwayne says:

    i could have recorded better video w/ my iPhone

  • Sporty Classic says:

    Why bother cleaning the area if you don’t clean to extractor?

  • Mandi Likesu says:

    This was a little too methodical for me. Sucked the fun right out of it.

  • naves d says:

    no tools just get your fingers in there

  • Sonia Flores says:

    Where can we get one of those little sticks???

  • romans8910 says:

    the comedone extractor looks a little small for this procedure.


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