How I faded my Dark Spots and treated my ACNE!

EXPAND FOR MORE INFO******** Hi! this is how I faded my acne spots and “cured” my acne. I do not get pimples now unless I am stressed or if it is that time o…
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  • theshannankay says:

    Products are in the description box.

  • theshannankay says:

    For whatever reason the new google comment layout is no longer letting me
    respond to comments on this video:(

  • 79blt says:

    good luck in your endeavors! Being a PA is a wonderful career!

  • Andwele Musamba says:

    Your so beautiful !

  • Nay ox says:

    Thank you for this video!!!

  • Sonia Shurti says:

    This is happening to me

  • Vicious V says:

    great info. straight to the point

  • Carmide Arne says:

    This video was really helpful. But what are the name of the brands that you
    used, I couldn’t really see them

  • Amy Wilson says:

    i love your accent! 🙂 lol and your skin is really beautiful!

  • YoursTruly211823 says:

    Omg i loveeeee the intro song by keri hilson

  • Yeni melody says:

    Awsome thanks…. ;)

  • theshannankay says:

    I accidentally removed a comment:(

  • theshannankay says:

    I’ve had acne for awhile and depending on the type you have that will let
    you know how long treatments will take to work but the regimen I use now
    started working within a month. I am on my 3rd exfoliating sponge if that
    helps as well. You have to patient. That’s the key to treating acne. I try
    to stick to products and a strict regimen for about 2 months before I
    change it up because it isn’t working. It’s hard to tell with skin because
    it’s like the slowest healing part of our body. Be patient.

  • theshannankay says:

    Thanks girl. It has been a long journey!


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