How I Cured My Cystic Acne… NATURALLY!!

Sorry for the rambling video, but I had so much to say on the topic, and I still feel like I didn’t cover everything I wanted to say! Please let me know if y…
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  • Funkmaster Diaries says:

    A flashback to this vintage Funkmaster! My acne story & natural acne cure.
    Found this cure 8 months ago & I am still addicted!

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  • Tony Do says:

    Good video!

  • Joseph Daniels says:

    Going to try it out. I’ve got to the point now where I have literally just
    given up…I don’t even try to get rid of it anymore it is just part of me
    lol. Pretty depressing for most people but I’ve just got used to it. That’s
    not to say I wouldn’t love it to piss off though haha. Will definitely
    update what happens on this video in a few weeks (no one in the comments
    seems to have done that!)

  • Tom Hood says:

    I’m just curious, how expensive is this stuff?

  • Namilea LOTI says:

    7:15 you’re welcome :)

  • Sheppy99 says:

    I’ve linked my acne to poor gut health as well. There’s many things that
    can cause bad gut health; antibiotics, even one course can throw your gut
    balance of friendly flora off (some people have had 10 or more courses
    before they hit 25!!!!), if you were born via a c section (apparently a
    regular child birth is the way the child gets a lot of their friendly
    flora), mold exposure is another big one.

    I had a really bad mold exposure when I was 13 that caused me to break out
    in hives all over my body. This was before internet and my parents had no
    idea what it was from. Now that we’ve all educated ourselves on mold via
    the internet, we realized that black crap in my room as a kid was mold. I
    also grew up having stomach problems all the time and took many courses of

    I’ve had cystic acne since I was 15 and now 30, my gut is in major
    disrepair from all the things that has happened to me in my life. I have
    candida issues too in a big way. You’re lucky you caught this as early as
    you did. I’m hoping to get my gut back into balance by doing a lot of
    things including apple cider vinegar.

    Your gut health is 70 percent of your immune system. If that is not healthy
    you’re going to have a lot of issues. 

  • Aria Reed says:

    You remind me so much of myself. My acne still won’t go away though, And I
    have really bad scares 🙁

  • Sonia Dominguez says:

    Hi so I have like aweek using the vinegar. With your experience, does it
    get worse before it gets better? Thanx!

  • Sjappelientje says:

    Just want to thank you so much! My skin is clearing up so much because of
    this video you made! I’ll be thankful to you the rest of my life!!!!

  • svenlundergard1 says:

    Also, Brewer’s Yeast works really well. Health food stores have it. You can
    take it in capsule form, eat it (if you can put it in spaghetti sauce,
    smoothies etc.) and also mix with apple cider vinegar to make a facial
    mask. I swear this works. Please try it. And get off of the sugar. It
    contributes to an acidic environment in your body which aggravates acne big

  • Jason Shields says:

    I loved your rambling sister! Going to buy some tomorrow! 

  • DanTopete says:

    I have had the exact same acne problem. My diet is completely healthy and
    still nothing. I bought some of this stuff on amazon. Hopefully it works
    cause nothing else has.

  • ebony Black says:

    vid started at 8:37 lol

  • Victoria Chii says:

    Thank you sooo much for this video. I changed to the 80/10/10 high fruit
    raw vegan diet january of 2013 and i stopped taking birth control in march
    (i was on different kinds for 4 yrs). i started getting weird little white
    bumps all over my face that weren’t red, just bumpy. then, on december
    15th, it was literally like overnight, i got cystic cheek acne which i have
    never had in my life. people keep telling me it is because “i eat too much
    fruit” but i love my fruit 🙁 i tried eating macrobiotic the past 2 days,
    but it sucks compared to fruit!! i’m going to try this to see if it will

  • Bonnie Pasap says:

    About how long till your acne completely stopped?

  • Olivia Motta says:

    I’m just curious, where was most of your acne located? 

  • max yeah says:

    hey as you were using apple cider vinegar for your acne did you go throw a
    purging period first before your acne went away ?

  • Chris Joseph says:

    started suffering from acne at 13, now 23. STORY OF MY LIFE ! :(

  • Sophie Rae says:

    it tastes soooooo bad :(

  • Sonia Dominguez says:

    Hi! Does it have to be Braggs? Can I just use any apple cider vinegar?

  • abby visel says:

    What are chia seeds? 

  • Kelline Pickett says:

    Le sigh….I’m at 4:16 and she still hasn’t got to the point. Lord help her.

    at 6:46 …we’re now talking about poo and stomach acid, still nothing
    about acne. Le sigh… goodness sweetheart, having problems getting to
    the point? You’re so pretty though 🙂

    ..I’m totally ribbing you, please don’t take my comment as a mean-spirited
    thing, I’m giggling while I type.

  • moonsovermysun says:

    im literally so excited right now because i accidentally found your video
    and i thought you were just one of those people who used ACV on their face
    but then you started talking about the low acid symptoms and my jaw
    literally dropped and im seriously about to go drink ALL OF THE ACV!

  • Ariel Arguello says:

    Lol you are hilarious! 


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