How I Cured My ACNE Naturally (10 Tips)

Please READ this box for more info. I am not an expert in skin care, in fact I have very limited knowledge in skincare and makeup. So this is based on my own…
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The BEST skincare routine that I’ve ever tried/followed for acne prone, combination skin… products, tips and much more! Hope you find this helpful and if y…
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35 Responses to How I Cured My ACNE Naturally (10 Tips)

  • Joanna Soh says:

    Hi my lovelies, I just want to thank you for the support you have shown me.
    It took me quite a lot of courage for me to share this with you, and I’m
    glad I did. Thanks for the love. =)

  • Marie George says:

    Hi Joanna – love your videos – very uplifting and motivational 🙂
    I agree with all those lifestyle changes you made and 2 years seems such a
    long time and the ups and downs – must have been frustrating, seeing your
    skin clear up then break out again – but how did you keep your faith for 2
    years? You look amazing 🙂
    Thanks, take care x

  • EtherealTempest says:

    Hi Joanna-

    You said you learned to put your physical appearance aside, and be truly
    happy with who you are. Can you please give some advice on how you went
    about doing that? You literally have to “face” yourself in the mirror every

    Thank you :)

  • yass err says:

    Im not into Chinese girls but first few pics of urs got me pumping. thx 4
    the tips kitty-kat.;)

  • jiji hana says:

    Do you have any tipps for fat under the chin? I don’t have a double chin
    but a fat chin ( > < )

  • Swades4ever says:

    the most important ones: get rid of wheat, dairy and sugar(refined)

  • Rose61234 says:

    Makes so much sense. I am in my 3rd year of college too and enjoyed great
    skin throughout my teens. Now I’m getting horrible breakouts like never
    before and I’m just not used to it. This video made me stop and think about
    my lifestyle… stressed, late nights, unhealthy junk food, snacking, not
    drinking water…. no wonder !!

  • ariesxflame says:

    this is suchhh a helpful video. you are so well spoken, great speaking
    skills. thanks for sharing! .. i have one question what are your thoughts
    on apple cider vinegar

  • Maheen Shaiq says:

    Thanks so so much for this! Also, what do you use to cleanse with morning
    and evening?

  • Joanna Soh says:

    Hi my lovelies, I thought I would share something quite personal with you.
    I am not an expert in skin care. This video is based on my own personal
    experience on what has worked for me in curing my ACNE naturally. I hope
    this video will help you out in some way or another. Lots of Love. =)

  • Moon says:

    HI guys, I made a video about Chinese medicine and how it can help to fight
    against mild to severe skin disorders. Let me know what you think 🙂 

  • adriandeveraaa says:

    I thought I was the only one. I never had acne growing up as a child or in
    highschool. I thought I was blessed then came college whereI broke out in
    freshman/sophmore year and was just frustrated 😐

    Oh and the cause of that was your typical college meal of instanoodles
    daily when living alone.. ):

  • Bella Tina says:

    Great video! So comprehensive! I broke out like a pizza when I was in
    London during the last months there when all of my friends are taking me
    out. MSG broke out my face big time and it required a change in lifestyle –
    all that you mentioned – to bring it back. There is hope! We are all born
    beautiful with nice skin. We just have to remember what we eat shows on
    our skin! Very easy concept 😉 Enjoy the UK!

  • Andrew Y. says:

    You have such a unique accent. I like it.

  • sim kaur says:

    loved this video Joanna so inspiring I had a idea for ur next video can u
    please make it like a video about ur weight loss journey how you started
    and how u became with what u are well of course if your comfortable to
    share ^_^ please n luv your channel and how much time did it take yu to be
    that fit :)

  • Christina Powell says:

    Lovely video Johanna! Very true words of wisdom and advice. Thanks for

  • headkandywhore says:

    You seem to be a very hard working woman, you can be very proud of what
    you’ve accomplished. I always enjoy watching your helpful videos!

  • Melanie Murphy says:

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    acne prone skin and I’d LOVE your opinion on it! Please check it out and
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  • Melanie Murphy says:

    Guys, if yous haven’t seen my review of the SONICLEAR (which is a cheaper
    version of the clarisonic which I think is actually better as it is
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  • Melanie Murphy says:

    Hey everyone! Thanks for all the wonderful feedback on this video 🙂 <3
    Keep liking and sharing it is much appreciated as it is helping lots of
    people! Especially the dairy tip! 🙂 Here's a link to my new ACNE update
    with a review of some Clarisonic dupes: ACNE UPDATE ♥ Clarisonic Dupes for
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  • Melanie Murphy says:

    Ahhhh so glad this is getting so many views, guys, THANK YOU! Please thumbs
    this video up & share it as that really helps me to get my message out <3
    HUGS xx

  • CallherCass Bankson says:

    Gorgeous darling!!! <3 Keep inspiring us!!!

  • Rose Kimberly says:

    I’m so happy you can help more people! Your beautiful inside & out. Loves
    ya tons!

  • PlanetExpress says:

    What kind of honey is the best for face? I’ve got local multiflorous and
    lime tree honeys and I don’t know which is better :)

  • heeja young says:

    Dear ,you’re saved my life 🙂 this is so so so helpful ^^ i’m very tired
    with acne and acne scar 🙁 will try follow all your tips 🙂 hopefully it
    work on me xD and i already tried green tea scrub (homemade) and it worked
    on me ^^ just put 1 green tea bag , 1 spoon of honey and 2spoon of rice
    flour , mix all together and put on your face for 5-10 minutes^^ then wash
    it and you will different on your skin ^^
    **love you always mile ♥♥♥

  • Samira Alam says:

    Do you have dry skin?

  • SuGaRy BlOsSoM says:

    MA LA NIIEEEEEEEEEEE … thank u so much for this amazing video <3 .. i
    noticed that my skin goes outrageous whenever i drink milk everyday ( my
    forehead ) .. thanks again for your efforts =D .. 

  • Rodrigo Sosa says:

    Very cute English!!! … in which city you live?,i saw a couple of videos
    your personality is amazing’re very strong and cute and your sister too ..
    I can not judge your personality because I do not know you in person, but
    what I see in your videos give me a sign that you are very strong and
    dedicated to what you do or in person I imagine how lovely you must
    be..hopefully everything goes well because you are a respect ,I
    send you kisses from Paraguay, South America and keep going!!!

  • CelineAyu says:

    Thanks for sharing! You’re also sooo funny hahahah :)

  • Simply Joanna says:

    Thank god for your videos! Very informative and nice as usual, you really
    are an inspiration so never stop doing what you do! You make my thoughts
    about my own skin even brighter! :)

  • Faye Park says:

    Lurveeee your accent!!~ <3

  • Nana Himnae says:

    Hi Mela I just discover your channel and is absolutely fantastic… because
    my country has a new and restrictive politic about internet shopping and
    thats is so bad for me arrrghh BUUUUUT…. then you came here like a angel
    with products that I actually can get in every cosmetic market here… so
    fantastic… I used the Vichi line in the past and was pretty good so I
    will prove the new ones now, Also you are such a funny and cute girl.
    Thanks so much… tomorrow I will buy it ALL haha 

  • samdetroit89 says:

    How to rid of acne? First if u have alot of acne, take clindamycin pills
    first weeks and than ur acne will go away than stop talking those pills.
    And than start eating healthy food and drink alot of water. In the morning
    2 hot glass of water, afternoon, evening, and night. Stays away from theses
    food, cookies, chips, chocolate, milk, greasy foods. Im not saying don’t
    eat these foods only on weekends. Not everydays. Try to eat vegetables some
    time if u can, Apple, Orange very good for to treat acne. If u following my
    step u don’t have to spend alots of money. 

  • NakedWithoutMyLippy says:

    Rosehip oil is supposed to be amazing for anti-wrinkles. Apparently Miranda
    Kerr swears by it and the girl’s skin is FLAWLESS. Your skin looks amazing
    by the way. I love Vichy and La Roche Posay products. I’m definitely going
    to buy some coconut oil and start using it to remove my makeup. That is so
    cool Cassandra is coming to Ireland. WHEN? 🙂 X

  • Emdadh Syed says:

    I’ve been using this face wash for about two weeks now and I’ve been
    getting a couple of spots not more than 3 which disappear after a couple of
    days. What should I do?


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