Healing Acne With Manuka Honey + GIVEAWAY ♥

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25 Responses to Healing Acne With Manuka Honey + GIVEAWAY ♥

  • Cerena Madison says:

    Please enter me in this giveaway

  • Angelica B says:

    I struggle with acne all the time :/ and nothing seems to help so it this
    would be nice “enter me please” 🙂 but you videos are awesome and your so
    wonderful ♡ 

  • killabitch16 says:

    Wait. where can i find Manuka Honey; I have a vitamin shoppe & Gnc, nearby,
    do you think i’ll find them there?

  • Elizabeth Montez says:

    Thanks to ur last honey video, my skin has improved so much! Now knowing
    the benefits of manuka honey, i cant wait to try it!!! Please enter me : )
    thank you for ur sharing ur passion for skincare, u saved my skin lol.

  • Bee Smith says:

    Bee Smith, is my username please enter me in this giveaway. Thanks!

  • Nohely Vee says:

    enter me! 😀
    fb: Nohely Villarreal

  • Denise Sanchez says:

    Awesome! Enter me:)

  • Julhivermalovesyou says:

    I have been watching you for years , when your videos come out i stop
    everything. The first video I ever watched of yours was a review on a
    primer back in 2010 . I was a fan ever since . You talk about acne
    struggles and I feel you 100% . I broke out really bad this past month . My
    skin is red , irritated , dry , and pimply . I don’t want to stop wearing
    foundation but idunno how to help this . I am so self consious . Enter me

  • Sylanna Ramirez says:


  • Hillary Roman says:

    Enter me please!

  • Elise Lobb says:

    so trying it out!!

  • memphisdime88 says:

    Enter me, love to give it try. I have been trying to get my acne under
    control and finding something that’s not too oily or not moisturizing
    enough is quite difficult.

    Instagram: @jaleesayates
    Facebook: JaLeesa A Yates

  • negar rafatee says:

    Whoops and enter me please.

  • Carmen Márquez says:

    Love your skin! enter me please!

  • sravani vyl says:

    plz enter me

  • Joselyn Diaz says:

    Please enter me in this giveaway! I have been searching for good face
    products and this might just work! My ig is : waterlily420

  • Emelia Ziegler says:

    Enter me! 

  • jaliloveee96 says:

    I started using raw honey on my face because of your videos & really liked
    it then hearing about manuka honey I just wanted to try it so bad.. until I
    saw the price 🙁 college student on a budget!! Lol. My skin has been acting
    up so much! If you could please ENTER ME 🙂 PS you always recommend such
    great products girl!

  • Kayla Hayes says:

    My acne is finally getting under control using epiduo. But I still want to
    try the honey! It seems like an amazing product! Please Enter me 🙂 I
    follow you both on ig: musicluvrkayla and fb: Kayla Hayes 

  • Alma Mendoza says:

    I’m almost 40yrs old and started dealing with acne about 4yrs ago. Pls
    “enter me” to help my face! @hotchips99. Gracias in advance

  • Jennifer Maldonado says:

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  • Marina Verleki says:

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  • Gina Ramirez says:

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  • SagesMa says:

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  • Brenda Camacho says:

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