Getting Rid Of Acne – Nobody’s Perfect

The first in my series of Nobody’s Perfect video’s focuses on my experiences of having acne as a teenager, how it effected my self confidence, and the extrem…
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20 Responses to Getting Rid Of Acne – Nobody’s Perfect

  • Jessica IsMe says:

    My acnes pretty bad but it’s not bright red, surprisingly it was worse in
    primary(quite early, year4ish!) I wasn’t bullied but once I was called
    spotface. This was really helpful and mostly inspiring <3

  • bettybbash says:

    could you kindly check my video maybe give me some tips:) and subscribe if
    possible …. i am new x

  • georgiec61 says:

    Thankyou! I literally love you, your soo pretty as you seem just like me
    hahah, even though I’m so much younger haha x I have spots but not as bad
    as you had, it really helped me when u said things about confidence and
    stuff haha thankyou!

  • alejandra C says:

    I subscribed to a girl who takes those medicine and it started out worse
    and slowly getter better 

  • Mixup12 says:

    My acne is bad but I don’t get bullied


  • Isabella Jusková says:

    You sound like emma watson! 

  • holly KATT says:

    Blonde zoella <----

  • Libby Hobley says:

    I cried all through this video because I’m 13 going through what you did,
    sounds pathetic but it really is a spot on video, thanks so much your
    extremely brave for telling your story xx

  • chocolatelove23fj says:

    Feels like i am only one battling with acne even though i know it isnt true

  • DailyDenny says:

    This made me cry, i’m fourteen years old and my acne has made me so

  • rachel earnhart says:

    I was ten never washed my face and it got wors now im 16 and its terrible

  • Shannon Braithwaite says:

    I have it now

  • katy wolf says:

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  • Shannon Braithwaite says:

    most people get acne I got it but it’s not too much. I got it quite early
    in my life

  • TheRandomOne1298 says:

    I’ve got really bad acne but I’m really surprised and happy at the fact no
    ones said anything about me! 

  • Maddie Live says:

    I had “Spots” at the end of year 3, and im now 13 nearly 14 I don’t get
    bullied but I got called “Pimple face” in Intermediate a couple of
    times but in the end I just said that I don’t care and asked them if that
    was the only insult they got

  • Kathleen Dodrill says:

    i was way younger i was maybe five wen i started and my parents washed my
    face for me

  • Candy Girl says:

    I started at six, and still have it. You are soo lucky you got rid of

  • Lollipop170199 says:

    Is the foamy thing aknemycin? Does it work? I recently got it from my go
    and it seems to work for the first few days. Then it gradually got worst.
    People say it gets worse before it gets better. Will it really get better?

  • amna iqbal says:

    omg ur so pretty 


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