FADE ACNE SCARS WITH LEMON! Naturally Lighten Skin At Home! *UPDATED!*

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14 Responses to FADE ACNE SCARS WITH LEMON! Naturally Lighten Skin At Home! *UPDATED!*

  • Jess Bunty says:

    Hey guys! Hope you’re all having a SMASHING week so far. Wednesday’s video
    is now well and truly live, and I’d love it if you could check it out! It’s
    a bit of an update + answers some of your questions from my previous
    videos. Enjoy! xx

  • TanMeeNator Slayer says:

    to be fair, she been doing videos about applying lemon juice on her face
    for more than a year now, and her face looks the same. the scars, the acne,
    still there, not much noticeably better. don’t think it works. best is to
    get to a dermatology clinic

  • sabrina kayy says:

    Can you show us how to use olive oil on our face? Everytime I used olive
    oil mask, I always get breakouts and huge pimples all over my face.

  • Chung Hilat says:

    The truth is, the truth is the scar will never completely go away and will
    be able to be removed without difficulty and quickly just using natural

  • sandy corzin says:

    plz does lemon really work to fade acne sacrs i had some break out recently
    bc of foundation and how much time does it take to fade away

  • Guitar Maniac says:

    This shit does not work! Lemons are bad on your face! Just look up on
    YouTube: “DIY skin recipes you should never try”

  • Lucia Sonia says:

    Hahahahahaha ur hilarious. The dance break

  • Misfit Peace Maker says:

    Is it supposed to kind of sting at first like an exfoliating feeling 

  • Steven John Cabusao says:

    What do you mean by acne scar the deep/hole one or red one ? Thanks

  • Meseia88 says:

    My only question is, do you clean your face before you put the lemon on?

  • donna joy acevedo says:

    hi +Jess Bunty is it ok if i use it everyday?

  • Lomjo Mavi says:

    Using 100 % natural trreatment to brighten your skin is actually less
    expensive compare to beaching gels.

  • Samuel Libradilla says:

    Should I so this every morning and evening. And if i wash out the lemon in
    my face, will i use facial wash or just a plain water? Thanks ^_^

  • Christele Cherestal says:

    When your done using the lemon treatment can you go back to your acne
    treatment on the same day?


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