FADE ACNE SCARS FAST – FAQ! Home Made Whitening & Scar Removal Mask! AQA#5

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17 Responses to FADE ACNE SCARS FAST – FAQ! Home Made Whitening & Scar Removal Mask! AQA#5

  • Sao Offlight says:

    You may get rid of your scar naturally in 8 weeks.

  • Cleyde96 says:

    Hello jess! I have a question…. My skin is very oily would you recommend
    it me adding the tree oil? Or just leave it out? I see why it can be
    beneficial but im scared that it will add up to the oil my skin already

  • Elina Palma says:

    my mom doesnt want me to use it caz she says lemon stain faces :/

  • Sarah P. Strickland says:

    You’ll be able to have a reduce scar visibilitythat enhances your
    all-natural attraction just by using all natural trreatment

  • Gloria J. Covert says:

    Nice Movies! Thank you very much.

  • Mimijona says:

    I think that the issues would be more based on lemon oil being too
    irritating and drying on the skin rather than the tea tree oil.

  • Shailendra Singh says:

    This is a video explaining everything about the formation of face mask for
    fading acne scars. One can get a lot of benefits out of it.

  • andrei magsombol says:

    thank u jess it really helps!!

  • rokonuzzaman rana says:

    Alohaaaa! Have you thought about – Thornberry Amazing Acne Smasher (search
    on google)? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin finally
    kissed good bye to the acne skin problem with it.

  • Raquel Perez says:

    was baking soda but then I just gave up thinking THANK FOR CLEARING THAT UP

  • Laura Green says:

    I have acne and acne scars, so would this also help my acne/not make it
    worse? I’m using jojoba oil in it, not tea tree (which would probably help
    more, but oh well). Is there a mask that would be very beneficial to both?

  • Jess Bunty says:

    Thanks lovely! Now dark circles are a tough one. Getting at least 8 hours
    sleep each night is one of the best ways to combat dark circles, especially
    if you go to bed ‘early’, around 10pm at the latest. There are special
    cloth masks you can buy for dark circles, but they can be expensive. You
    can grate up some potato, or cucumber, place in the fridge for 1/2 hour
    then apply to the circles for 20 minutes.

  • Hannah Manis says:

    Hi Jess, can you do a video on how to get rid of back pimples and the
    scarring they cause? Ps. I have been stressing out about them lately and
    need a solution. Please help. X -Hannah

  • Jess Bunty says:

    Hiya! Yes, this mask definitely exfoliates the skin. It’s not like a harsh
    scrub, but it will lift dead skin cells and give you very smooth skin
    afterwards. Best to avoid using any sort of scrub while using this mask.

  • Aimz Khalid says:

    I’m waitinn =D

  • Jess Bunty says:

    Usually you can use masks 2-3 times a week. That should be enough. Try
    using one for a month, 2-3 times a week, and see if if has results. It can
    take the skin up to a month to start having a positive reaction to a new
    product or treatment, so stick with it! 🙂

  • Benatural365days says:

    Thank you so much doll! Hey one more fenugreek seeds! that works great on
    dark spots and pimples. Try it out! love and hugs!


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