Face Primer for Acne Prone Skin / Acne Skincare

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29 Responses to Face Primer for Acne Prone Skin / Acne Skincare

  • Charleey German says:

    Your skin looks amazing

  • Carly c says:

    Cassandra, I appreciate your videos so much, you cover everything. I was
    hoping you could you do a tutorial on eyebrow shaping? 

  • Roni theteen says:

    My skin is very sensitive and im afraid to use primer so it wont make my
    skin brake out. Should i se primer?

  • ramona cora says:

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  • Vicky L. says:

    Your face looks absolutely beautiful! Wow, it has really cleared up! 🙂

  • esoteriquefille says:

    For someone who has mild acne is it ok to use regular primers? I use the
    smashbox photo finish primer and wash my face thoroughly at night on any
    day I wear makeup. I haven’t noticed it making me break out any more than
    usual but I sometimes feel uneasy putting it on because I have heard silica
    can reduce your skins ability to “breathe”.

  • Nohra Esho says:


  • sandersnumbertwo says:

    That really helps,I feel like you are my friend, plz friend me or something

  • taylorbolser says:

    You look great!

  • TheLiMaHe says:

    2.51 I dont know, just found it really funny. Well, its 4.50am, maby why;)

  • mngmay says:

    Can you please start listing names of products in the box below the video?
    Sometimes it isn’t a matter of me not listening, but just not clearly
    hearing the words or having no idea how to spell them. Making lists of your
    products makes it easy for going back to find out what to look for, too, so
    people don’t have to sift through the video every time

  • katherine41392 says:

    I used products called Beauty Adequate try it. It’s the best for acne.

  • aracely noiloc says:

    your skin looks so good! way to go!

  • Shelly Williamson says:

    you skin has really gotten better over time:) love your videos you are my

  • MilitaryxComponent says:

    your skin looks great!

  • cscschafer says:

    ****I meant u r beautiful without makeup too with a (!!!) at the end, I hit
    the wrong button, sorry.

  • Treat Acne Naturally - Acne Erasing Secrets says:

    +Simon Bratt Eat a lot of protein rich foods and vegetables, romaine
    lettuce is rich in protein, nuts and seeds are great… black beans,
    quinoa, rice, and many other green vegetables are rich in protein. Just
    google vegetables rich in protein and you’ll find a whole list. 

  • Sean Baez says:

    Hey I was wondering if I can eat a slice , once in a while and would I
    starve eating this everyday?

  • Sean Baez says:

    What is a good breakfast for a guy like me who is on a budget?

  • Crystal Yeates says:

    Eating a ton of nuts can cause break outs right? Have you ever seen
    fullyrawkristina? seen FullyRaw Carrot Cake for My Birthday!? Well, she
    eats a lot of nuts and raw foods, and I don’t understand how the skin
    wouldn’t break out so much from so many nuts? 

  • Ryan Lauron says:

    Ok man, I’ll do that and follow your suggestions. I don’t be racist.
    thanks for that. 

  • Guitarandmakeup says:

    Hello David! love your videos. do u think that eating potatoes can cause
    acne. Furthermore mercola suggests to avoid rice beacause it raises IGF-1
    and so the insuline level.

  • chelsea burnham says:

    haha when did you get so hot and funny!

  • Isaac Johnson says:

    You made that black bean avocado dish sound SOOOOOO good :O

  • JOHNY RIZO says:

    man im liking this dude every single video im watching…

  • Leonardo cruz says:

    I am a 13 year old boy and i have a lot of acné in my face :(

  • Dzulweezul says:

    Hey David really appreciate all your hard research on skin care. I have
    mild acne, really just spots on my cheeks and my research tells me that
    cheek acne is due to respiratory problems I’ve been trying stretching and
    breathing exercises everyday, just wanted your thoughts on this. also can
    eating too much cause acne? 

  • Lauren Shippen says:

    You’re just so energetic and happy 🙂 

  • Treat Acne Naturally - Acne Erasing Secrets says:


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