Everyday Acne Coverage Foundation Routine

Everyday Acne Coverage Foundation Routine

Yes, this is different from my previous foundation routine. This one is more for an everyday look ^__^ Products Used: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Radia…
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19 Responses to Everyday Acne Coverage Foundation Routine

  • Finding Nimmo says:

    You’re so pretty omg!

  • Susan Park says:

    Whats ur foundation shade?

  • Ariana Snider says:

    You should just try soap and water, no one ever listens to me when I say
    that, and dont wash your face everyday… I swear It worked for my I had
    acne since the 7th grade, and a couple years ago, I stopped washing my
    face, and when I did wear makeup, I used soap and water… It worked so

  • K Karen E says:

    soooooooo pretty! omg.

  • Kaylin T says:

    +Claudia I think it’s just her lips when she pouts. Miley does the same

  • Anjuma Hossain says:

    You look like miley it should mamamileymakeup 😉 haha xx so beautiful

  • inoka perera says:

    You are beeeeeeautiful… <3 

  • Ariel Wright says:

    You have almost the exact same eye shape as Miley Cyrus, and some of the
    ways you move your mouth like one of the ways you smile, and your pout. You
    look a whole lot like her other than the shape of your nose. (:

  • bon kone says:

    Why don’t they have dolls that look like this

  • myprettypeace says:

    Are you full Asian? Why did you go w/ those foundations? Are there some
    that work horrid for you? How does it look in person? Does it look cakey or
    fake? Is it a must to use primer? Brave vid and thaaaanks so much!

  • YoungFavorite says:

    her mouth/ teeth look like Miley’s

  • MUfever says:

    Beautiful! I love benefit’s WOW foundation

  • CeCe StarChild says:

    garnier and cover girl are chemical filled and cruelty products. good cover

  • myprettypeace says:

    Shouldn’t you use makeup that helps fight your acne rather than covers it
    up. You may be making it worse.

  • Elsa Dinletir says:

    Have you tried a mud mask with sulfur in it? It really helped me. c:

  • kitty kitty says:

    Is it just me… Or she looks kind of like Miley Cyrus. 

  • aneeqa ali says:

    u look llike miley cyrus.

  • Ana Calderon says:

    You look like Miley!!!! omg

  • franlovesmusic says:

    omg xD I have ONE pimple and I tought it was ugly… (Sorry :(( )


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