Equate Acne Treatment System Review and Proactiv Comparison – Updated

This is my updated rambley comparison and review of the wal-mart knock off proactiv, equate acne treatment, and the original proactiv follow me on tumblr: ht…

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31 Responses to Equate Acne Treatment System Review and Proactiv Comparison – Updated

  • Betty M. Hazelwood says:

    I feel ugly as the former acne sufferer assumed I would certainly die with

  • kat k says:

    I don’t know about the sulfur mask. I still have no clue how to use it
    despite the directions, or maybe I just don’t find it necessary. I think
    the treatment has definitely worked for me within a matter of a couple
    days. It is drying which I absolutely knew obviously from the ingredients
    but your review definitely helped in figuring out that the moisturizer
    wasn’t really a moisturizer. PS you’re like a Zooey Deschanel mini and I
    love it. 

  • monika lemona says:

    Do You Suffer From Low Self Esteem, Depression, Worry and Anxiety Because
    Of Your Acne? – follow herepa. Com

  • Sabex Rouge says:

    I used this products and I woke up with a swelling face.

  • trha2222 says:

    Excellent review. I have tried both. They are roughly the same, but Equate
    is a third the price of Proactiv and I was very shocked at how good it

  • MMA74071 says:

    What kinda moisturizer do you use? can you get it at walmart? and can you
    upload like a tutorial of you putting the system on including the
    moisturizer? it would be helpful to know what order you put them in

  • korina gomez says:

    can u do a skin care routine? and can u please tell how many times so u use
    the equate treatment a day? thank you.

  • quietcomplaints says:


  • justmylife2222 says:

    You have a nice bone structure :-)

  • dragonballz3739 says:

    Don’t you Think It’s The Cosmetics Because Make Up Its Bad for Your Skin
    Maybe You Should Not Wear Makeup All The Time Just Like When You Go Out But
    When Your At Home You Shouldn’t Have Some 

  • Nicole C says:

    you are actually so beautiful! like absolutely breath taking!

  • afic10 says:

    Your skin looks so much better!!! Now you don’t even need a full coverage
    foundation or heavy layers, a little strategically concealer and a light
    setting powder will do, by the way, I always though you were really
    beautiful, regardless of acne. Congrats!!!

  • Sara Eve says:

    Two more natural sunscreens that I like are Badger, Broad Spectrum 30 in
    the summertime and Broad Spectrum 16 in the fall and winter (I live in the
    midwest, but as you live in California, you’d probably always need the
    higher SPF) and MyChelle Sun Shield SPF 28 Coconut. Also, there are some
    cute, wide-brimmed hats with a “sunscreen” material in the fabric. The
    sunscreens are non-comedogenic. 

  • Maddie Goyder says:

    Are you still using clearogen? 🙂 xx

  • silvy storm says:

    Hi cassandra i just wanted to tell you something regarding that acnease
    supplement youre always raving about. Did you know that they featured you
    on their website saying “my life without acne” ? They narrated your story
    and all. whats REALLY strange is that they placed a photo of you with no
    acne and labeled it “after”. Yet it was so obvious that in that photo, you
    were using makeup and that it was a photo taken during your interview when
    some guy bullied you in your viral acne foundation video.My point is, do
    you think acnease is really legit and reliable after the false posts they
    had on their website? They claimed that acnease CURED your acne when
    obviously u still have acne now even in your latest videos. I dont know
    about you, but it seems like acnease paid u to do all this raving, and is
    such a turn off. Ps: I went on 4 cycles of acnease for moderate acne
    because of you before, and have seen NO improvement what so ever. So to all
    the people reading this, ACNEASE is a SCAM just like any other “miracle”
    acne supplement out there. Its also really expensive, i wasted 500$ on it. 

  • Sara Eve says:

    Cassandra, can you do a video using “natural” or “holistic” products for
    your skin routine and make-up, like Dr. Hauschka and Mineral Fusions? I’d
    really appreciate it, as I try to only use natural/holistic skin care and

  • Jennie Moore says:

    Can you do a video about your favorite acne products? I am at a loss for
    what to try. 

  • san dy says:

    some birth control pills will clear all your acne, magically. my daughter
    had terrible back acne and it cleared up like Magic!

  • katie lynn says:

    Please, please, pleaseeee do an updated skincare routine! Myself and I’m
    sure a lot of your other viewers would find that extremely helpful! 

  • Claudia Joseph says:

    Please make a skincare routine

  • Ayesha Khan says:

    that’s a lot of pills…

  • Sylvia Ruano says:

    yOur still beautiful!

  • Una Mancuspia says:

    You’re lovely :)

  • elida danes says:

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    to quickly get rid of zits and scars. Visit HEREPA com and check it out!
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  • Dani says:

    My brother has acne, and he’s toooo scary with acne scars

  • 80sgirlwhamduran says:

    Cassandra i would really be interested to hear your opinion of ” Acne no
    more” the holistic daily routine system. Have you heard of it? 

  • Janelle Holbrook says:

    Have you tried acne.org “the regimen” it’s honestly The Acne Cure! It

  • Mackenzie Ivy says:

    Compared to when i first started watching you in 2010 your skin is looking
    so so so much better!

  • Carly Carla says:

    You should use SKINOREN – its a anti acne cream. I think this will help you
    a lot. :)

  • afic10 says:

    Your eyes!!! On close up, they’re mesmerizing

  • Neellet says:

    You are gorgeous! ! Thank you for being brave and strong and beautiful for
    sharing! I think you are awesome! 


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