Elf Studio Acne Fighting Foundation

I forgot to include the actual video swatching this foundation. I will redo this vid by next week. Sorry!!! I am not sponsored doing this video. All products…

17 Responses to Elf Studio Acne Fighting Foundation

  • Jacklyn xo says:

    wow, they look extremely pink toned… 

  • XLolitaXRoseX says:

    Thanks for showing us! I think I got the right shade for my face!

  • Carmen C says:

    Hi there, i havent tried it but i really want to but not sure which color
    to get cause i am buying online but i feel like a beige or sand. I am more
    yellow toned. Which would you recommend in terms if it will oxidise or not?
    Thank you!

  • EC DC says:

    I’m brown skinned and swatch on NC45/NW43 skin their ‘Caramel’ is a bit too
    light and ‘Coffee’ too dark … elf needs at least one or 2 shades in

  • Merly Camacho says:

    I was thinking on getting all the shades for my low end kit but this thing
    looks horrible in pictures the flash back is insane and in parties most
    pics are taken with phones so is good you took the pictures with your
    iphone … thanks for the video I wont be buying this 

  • Gina Hernandez says:

    Really helpful thank u

  • JustAs Beautiful says:

    Thank you! Now I know what colors to pick when I buy this! Thank you J.A.B

  • Tiffany Edmonds says:

    thank you! exactly what i needed to see before buying.

  • dorry vell says:

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  • gingergirl969 says:

    @Lori Smith ELF is the brand that sells it :)

  • djmindy says:

    I love the videos you make

  • DD Dallas says:

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for posting!!!!!!

  • pinkstate says:


  • Tellmiluv says:

    I have friends and family that are waiting for my swatches then ask for
    them 😉

  • Omnia Huỳnh says:

    Where do I can buy this foundation?

  • Stephanie Hamilton says:

    No flash photography please….lol

  • ilovejethroe says:

    want to try these


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