Dudu Osun Black Soap Review, Get rid of acne! Fade acne scars!

Dudu Osun Black Soap Review, Get rid of acne! Fade acne scars!

Dudu Uson Black Soap: http://goo.gl/C6XV1P 6 pack that I buy: http://goo.gl/C6XV1P 1 for .93: http://goo.gl/rB5sf6 ✿ How to Lighten Dark Underarms video I mentioned: http://goo.gl/ZYZdtl…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

MORE ACNE HELP VIDEOS BELOW!! LATEST Acne Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgtCROE1Y1c Why Do Some Scars Pit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZb8kCxs…

39 Responses to Dudu Osun Black Soap Review, Get rid of acne! Fade acne scars!

  • Annie TRgirl says:

    What store can i get from? :)

  • Selena Castro says:

    I have dry skin. Does it dry your skin out? 

  • MiSzCASSiEx3 says:

    so glad that someone more popular on youtube did a review on this after so
    long! for some bizarre reason, it is still a hidden treasure. its usually
    no more than $3.00, uses only natural ingredients, and it WORKS. takes off
    all my makeup without makeup remover, and is pretty much the main reason my
    acne is gone!!!

  • Nikitta Buntin says:

    I love Dudu Osun but you definitely need a good moisturiser. Also it works
    very very well on teenagers with acne prone skin.
    Am currently having serious acne problems at the moment after coming off
    the birth control pill it literally missed up my skin, (sigh). 

  • kyia1414 says:

    I am allergic to this soap. I have very sensitive skin and it burned my
    whole face. It was like in blisters and my skin didn’t recover for 6
    months. So if you have sensitive skin do it on a small part of your face.
    Don’t lather your whole face like I did. It also burned my mom’s skin.

  • Dacia Vaungh says:

    April I hope you will reply back sometime I was wondering if you can do a
    DIY for rose water? Please and Ty!

  • Linda Mayoh says:

    When Liam rolled over and cried, my cat ran away! Poor Liam, maybe put an
    extra towel or blanket under his head.

  • fishar40 says:

    Thanks so much for this review april. Ive been using this soap since u
    first mentioned it, and i have been completely acne free ever since. I
    would love for u to do your nigt time routine too.

  • Alexandra R says:

    I am curious about something.. Is it me ? I think it’s the mic or maybe the
    room change but it sounds like a voice over it’s cool. Loving the new video
    setup/quality friend ! 

  • Shannon Hemm says:

    Ohhhh April the lighting quality is so much better!! 

  • Rosie says:

    Amazing quality! Love the review and very cheap I need to get it 

  • LipGlossLover048 says:

    Love the new camera. But April why do you tilt your head so far back when
    you speak? lol

  • A. Kennedy Thomas says:

    Thanks for doing this review. Been using this soap for 3 wks and there’s a
    definite noticeable difference in my complexion and very few breakouts. 

  • itsmekassidee says:

    i am pregnant struggling with pregnancy acne! ordering this soap today to
    give it a shot as it is all natural which is what I am doing my best to use
    during my pregnancy! did you use this while pregnant with liam? 

  • Kathleen Mia says:

    April you should try Kojie San soap 

  • twilightchic143 says:

    Luv the review April!!!! Your skin looks beautiful xoxo

  • Fina Lu says:

    wooohoooo one o the first i saw it uplaod 55sec ago

  • MzNeekie says:

    YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I gotta get back on this soap. I love that a non
    brown girl loves it too hehe

  • Pushkopeenoh says:

    Best soap ever!!!!

  • NativeBeauty says:

    Just purchased one bar! Hopefully it works for me!

  • Aria C says:

    April, your skin is looking flawless and I’ve seen so much improvement!
    Would you be able to do a full skincare routine? I have similar skin type
    to you so you’re my skincare role model haha

  • Chhabria Amani says:

    Best soap ever!!

  • From Head To Toe says:

    Your foundation looks amazing! Great video Cassandra. :)

  • Delphine Lecouffe says:

    your skin problem is caused by your diet, try a diet for 2 months (no eggs,
    no milk, no meat) and I promise you will see a big change. The human is not
    made to digest these foods creates toxins that your body rejects your skin.

  • MissAllanPoe1989 says:

    Should you really be putting makeup or using your hands for that matter if
    you have an acne issue? It’s embarrassing, sure, but there are sheet masks
    that help these issues way better than any cleansing product (leaders
    insolution tea tree mask), though one should clean with a gentle cleanser
    twice a day for acne issues still and possibly a Korean or Japanese brand
    of toner since they’re more soothing for redness and moisturize too (unlike
    North American brands that dry skin out). I don’t know, maybe because I
    only get like 5 pimples a year that I’m bias, but I don’t think it’s a good
    idea regardless. CC creams would be best to use at the very least.

  • Nelli Grigs says:

    Great video!! The transformation is crazy and the foundation did wonders it
    looks amazing :O
    Have you ever tried cutting dairy out of your diet?? I had horrible cystic
    acne for years and when i turned vegan my skin cleared up completely! I
    broke out for about 3 weeks because my skin detoxed but now i havent had
    acne for 3 years. Might be something to try :* 

  • Andalus Mine says:

    Not bad video, actually best way to cover the acne scars did
    gossmakeupartist long time ago. I have few and his technique works as
    miracle. Thanks anyway but i found his technique much faster and less

  • Nicole Dy says:

    I love your videos but jeez you talk too much! 

  • Clara Martinez says:

    With the happiness that Lord can fill your heart with, if u allow him…
    will beautify your appearance since it’s a reflection within 🙂
    Jesus loves you!!!!

  • Areej AlGhamdi says:

    why your face is too far from the camera ?? we want to see your skin
    closely !!

  • Alejandra Galindo says:


  • Lizhellsing says:

    I have a problem I was hoping you could help with. My skin is oily but also
    very dry. I get dry patches that seem to soak up the foundation and just
    make them even more obvious. Any advice? 

  • PerpetualFeline says:

    Hey! My acne would worry me if I didn’t have oily skin. My skin is so oily.
    I use a mattifying primer, I cleanse gently and properly – it’s the sheer
    amount my skin produces and makes any foundation non existent after about
    two hours. 

  • Paris Isabella says:

    Oh wow! Your acne has cleared up so much from the previous video I seen.
    Keep going! You’re awesome 

  • laureniqua says:

    I have acne but I really could not fathom wearing that much makeup… ever.
    They all break me out anyway. Thinking of getting a nice bb cream and
    concealer for the spots I have. 

  • Melanie Murphy says:

    Thank you thank you thank you, doll! <3 This looks unbelievable really
    great job! This will help SO many girls! I've been adoring Vichy stuff they
    are sending me out that cover cream for next week I think to try <3 I have
    loved every single thing that they sent me ever since my dermablend vid
    went viral I-am-obsessed and I am so glad you're using your platform to
    demonstrate their effectiveness I wish EVERY girl/guy out there with acne
    knew about these products! XXXXXX 

  • SmashinBeauty says:

    excellent video

  • Ana Villanueva says:

    I love Dermablend! Have you tried their Smooth Indulgence concealer? I’d
    love to see a review on that one! I’ve only tried the cover stick one and I
    didn’t like it, it was too greasy and the color selection was limited. I
    use my cover cream basically as foundation and concealer and I love it but
    I want to try something new.

  • Alyssa Brock says:

    AMAZING. this time of year when everything starts blooming my acne starts
    getting bad. mine isn’t cystic, though I can get those bumpy pimples, but
    it’s mostly a lot of whiteheads that easily get hyperpigmented, so my acne
    looks worse than it is. looks like I’m gonna get some MUFE or Smashbox! :)


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