Dr. Sandra Lee treating an aggressive form of acne, acne conglobata, on The Doctors

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22 Responses to Dr. Sandra Lee treating an aggressive form of acne, acne conglobata, on The Doctors

  • Jason Rothfeld says:

    omg i feel so bad for these people :(

  • Omar Abalkhail says:

    there are different types of acne affect people ; those teenagers get it
    age 14-25 and some people have acne at age 25 and over i am 33 years old
    and i still have acne , i used to have a severe acne when i was younger
    than 25 !until i took accutane and it did clear my face though i still get
    acne mostly on my chin ! i found out that i get acne when i get stressed !
    and some type of foods like oily foods make my skin pretty bad so stress,
    lack of exercise and diet cause acne on my chin ! when i am stress free and
    eat healthy foods as well as exercising ! my acne is totally gone ! TRUST
    ME ; stress , bad foods and lack of exercise cause acne ! i wish everybody
    the best

  • tmat04 says:

    I have the same rear form of acne condition as she does…They erupt like
    volcanos and have left deeps holes and scars on my face due to tissue
    damage. I have been suffering with this for years. Women put an unpleasant
    look on their faces when they see me. It’s bad enough that some of us have
    to go through this…and to get this kind of reaction is really
    discouraging and disrespectful. I don’t get this reaction from men…only
    women. I just do not know what’s wrong with these creatures. You don’t have
    to like the way I look, but you don’t have to be this obnoxious either. At
    least respect the fact that I am also human and have never done you wrong.
    I am the one who has to live with this…so stop making life more
    complicated for me than it already is. I am not a selfish person….I
    accept both the plus and minuses in life. 

  • Ruby JJY says:

    I really want to know how she’s doing lately…

  • rob redfearn says:

    your diet doesn’t effect your skin at all, its purely bacteria. Some people
    get it bad, some are lucky and have decent genes which produce less oil
    which causes less acne. anyway the point i wanted to share is, who else
    throughout the whole video wanted to bend the asian lady over and show her
    a good time?

  • Lindsey Morris says:

    It amazes me the comments from people who claim to be “a medicine student”
    (!) or dermatologist and then write “hart deseases” “foods that we are
    alergic of” “don’t know what YOUR talking about” “need medication to cure
    THERE acne,” also clearly don’t know how to use a comma and then tell
    others that they are the most unintelligent person on the internet…

  • Jonathan lofland Gustafsson says:

    It always makes me so very sad, seing beautiful girls like this being
    cursed by these horrendous conditions. It’s because of all the toxins they
    put into our bodies. Through the foods we eat, the air we breath, through
    all the stupid PHARMA they pump through our system.

  • Stacey Maples Brister says:

    I’m so glad this young girl was offered help to clear her skin. She’s so
    pretty, and seems like a sweetheart. I wonder how she’s doing? 

  • Cee Bee says:

    God I feel terrible for people with this kind of acne. Adolescence is so
    hard, I can’t imagine going through it with this kind of severe acne.

  • Aeschylus Shepherd says:

    Is there a follow up to her treatment? I would like to know how she is
    doing now.

  • Quick Skin Care Tips says:

    orangecathat acne doesn’t make you ugly if you are in good shape with your
    self esteem. 

  • celine camerlynck says:

    i have alot of acne 2 it’s a sad thing

  • kiaori rouss says:


  • Amanda Vo says:

    she looks like jennifer nguyen import model

  • Adam Fitzgerald says:

    No dairy = No acne

  • cj222100 says:

    I’d love to see how she turned out after all the treatments

  • Ghostcupcake1 says:

    I am pretty sure if these Americans just changed their diet their acne
    problem would also resolve. In my country acne is virtually unheard of.
    Wake up USA!

  • LaMara Allen says:

    That was very brave of her come’n on the show to share her story. Somewhere
    out there some1 going through what she is going through was watch’n and was
    afraid to leave the house but because of her share’n her story she gave
    them hope

  • God-Health-and-Fashion says:


  • Persiyana Petrova says:

    I feel that pimples have ruined her social life. She thinks shes gross, but
    imagine what bullies think about her.

  • Brian Meers says:


  • Uckus YAG says:

    It’s funny how Dr.Sandra lee has so good skin? Is she using makeup


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