DIY: Acne Facial Scrub & Fading Treatment

DIY: Acne Facial Scrub & Fading Treatment

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17 Responses to DIY: Acne Facial Scrub & Fading Treatment

  • Pris Faith says:

    Love your videos dear ! Keep it up

  • Lovina Ekka says:

    Hi..!! I wanted to Ask That how much time will this treatment going to take
    to repair the scne marks?

  • Sanjana Deshpande says:

    Hey! I hope this really helps me, am going timo try it from tomorrow

  • Angelica Ibasco says:

    Hi, can I substitute organic coconut oil with olive oil? That’s all I have
    for now. I also use olive oil on my skin as my night (cream) and it is
    ridiculously amazing my skin looks fresh and smooth when I wake up!

  • Einas Hamad says:

    Do I have to do the fading treatment everyday ? And the fading treatment ,
    scrub and lemon do I have to do them on the same day ? 

  • MaraLoveeee says:

    Has anyone other than her used it? Did it work for you? I know people’s
    skin are different but I’d still like to know. 

  • Emmanuel Odulukue says:

    I must say, I love these two. I started using them and my skin feels much
    better. Can I ask you something else? These are suposed to prevent acne
    too? Because I am still experiensing break outs as usual. Of course this
    can be caused from like 1.000 other reasons. My question is, are you doing
    something else to prevent future break outs? Thank you very much!

  • Amber Avila says:

    Loved this one! Thank you for the tips! I want to try to use more natural
    remedies for my skin also..I will be trying your tips! I am just so scared
    to put oil on my face, but it sounds like we have similar skin types. I
    have tried different acne treatments and all they have ever done is dry out
    my skin, but the zit always stayed there. Thank you 🙂 

  • Hana Agustine says:

    can i use regular sugar instead of brown sugar?

  • Kenisha Calder says:

    Great video! I appreciate the research you complete and share! All the
    best! Much love & blessings!

  • aisha ghazanfar says:

    Hi can I use normal cocunt oil in scrub because I couldn’t find extra
    virgin coconut oil.

  • Sofiya Rahim says:

    Do you skip the oil if you have an oily skin? 

  • Kelitha Silien says:

    Does both the scrub and the fading cream help with fading acne
    scarring/dark spots on both the face and back?

  • andromeda winxs says:

    does Noxzema work good?

  • heba hadi says:

    does this skin treatment that you use make your skin tone a lighter shade?
    If so, is it a dramatic change?
    Btw I want to thank you for the information and sharing your experiences
    you’re a gem!

  • joujou wejden says:

    i have a terrible back acne . and i ve been using lemon and sugar scrub
    like every day and garlic as a mask and i tomato scrub and i sleep with
    lemon on my back . with regular wash .and i am noticing good result soo
    happy. it take like a month and there s no acne just old scars . 

  • Mrs. Good Body says:

    Thank you so much for giving me hope for improvement. I felt like my face
    was just fate until I found your channel. Plus I have all these ingredients
    in my kitchen already. Again, thanks from all the acne scarred girls out
    there who though that this was as good as it gets. Story not over! :D


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