Dinair Airbrush Review – Acne? No problem!

I can already tell that this will be the last foundation method I will ever use – it is SO easy, and the coverage is FLAWLESS! Be sure to leave any questions…

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  • Victory M says:

    You beautiful before and after girl

  • Chely Gonzalez says:

    I NEED THIS! I’ve been obsessing over buying this set & now I’m convinced.

  • tammieexx says:

    Wow thats awesome! I have really bad and active break outs on the tip of my
    nose and forehead, and little pimples all over my chin

  • Fanny Dahlgren says:

    Holy banana! Best review ever!!

  • Jessica Grey says:

    I also have a dinair airbrush kit, and use lt golden beige as well, I ran
    out and didn’t get it ordered and as you know it’s hard to switch back to
    your old make up once you’ve experienced airbrush make up. I have tons of
    other shades though, so my question to you is do you know what 2-3
    combination of foundation shades to mix in order to get Lt golden beige?
    Thank you in advance for your help. =)

  • SunshineCitizen says:

    What a great review and such an informational video! I never thought of
    trying out an airbrush makeup set, but this looks like it really gets the
    job done 🙂 

  • Dezzi Stone says:

    I also have the dinair system:)) im still trying to figure all the stuff

  • santonegra says:

    Thanks. It really looks amazing on you. I’m checking out their website now.

  • ListenToLindsay says:
  • ListenToLindsay says:

    I’m In Love! @dinair


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