DermTV – Treating Post Acne Brown Spots (Hyperpigmentation) [ Epi # 248]

Almost everyone gets acne. And whether you treat your acne, or just pick your pimples, after it heals, you may be left with brown spots, also known as post-a…
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17 Responses to DermTV – Treating Post Acne Brown Spots (Hyperpigmentation) [ Epi # 248]

  • Ava Griffiths says:

    You are able to brightening your skin pigmentation simply using organic
    approach, and see the outcome in only 72 hours.

  • Adama Kabba says:

    How effective are chemical peels in removing dark spots?

  • b4real89 says:

    vitamin c at night?

  • Burdock007 says:

    Where are the products name plZ? where?

  • childofthewild73 says:

    I hate to tell you …but I ve had dark brown marks from old acne scars for
    8 years ( I was told that ‘they would fade over time’!). They do fade over
    ‘years’..but I ve still been left with some even now. I ve done so much
    research now and wish I had known this info years ago. Clinique ‘even
    better dark spot remover’ seems to be what everyone is grabbing these days
    and I m about to try it myself…so can t comment on it at the
    moment.Mederma is great for scarring and derma rolling.Good Luck XXX

  • 2A3109 says:

    i don’t pick my pimples and i have THAT HORRIBLE BROWN, RED SPOTS!!!! i
    don’t know why i have that. Would anybody recommend me any product or scrub
    with glycolic acid? and What bleach is safe to use without to go with a
    dermatologist? (i have fear to the doctors , SERIOUSLY! :s) thanks!

  • DETROITHEY6 says:

    Great info thanks =D

  • foxy millz says:

    I use to have FLAWLESS SKIN but when I turned about 21 my face just BROKE
    out terribly & it wasn’t really pimples it was BLACK HEADS & WHITE HEADS.
    Im thinking about using birth control (I hear it WORKS WONDERS) but I’m not
    sexually active so is that still ok? Please help. Thank you also for your
    channel, Im learning a lot.

  • roygirl45 says:

    Lemons work wonders at fading acne spots .. I can vouch for that.. ! And
    all natural!

  • NicoleNightly says:

    @mineralmu The comments are not organized in a way for people to see what’s
    already been commented. The only way people can see that is if they ‘View
    all’ and most people don’t know to do that.

  • RayzaBlayz says:

    My dermatologist to so stupid, and she needs to be fired…..I need you

  • Writerchic1 says:

    What about vitamin e oil? I heard vitamin e is good for scars and is an
    antioxidant as well, so I was wondering the benefits of using this for my
    forehead? I am currently using this and seeing small gradual fading after
    two weeks.

  • tipc843 says:

    Should I try doing this while still on my accutane treatment?

  • Bibi Masala says:

    Please name the products and what do you think of La Roche posay products

  • 4zn4pplejuic3 says:

    I never pop my pimples but they always leave a mark =(

  • cupcakes869 says:

    i ALWAYS get brown spots =( and i have really light Asian colored skin

  • dermTVdotcom says:

    Unfortunately, no. Red pigmentation cannot be treated with topical
    products. Instead, talk to your dermatologist about laser treatment options.


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