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  • DrunkenKitty 。 says:

    I’ll do everyone a huge favor because I know when I go on these videos
    usually no one is saying if it ACTUALLY works.

    Well I will say it worked for me, Before actually trying I searched acne
    and sea salt users and they all had such good experiences , even with mild
    acne or cyst acne , they said it did wonders.

    Now I only got normal acne but after like 3 days of use, my skin is better
    looking, more refreshed and smooth. The acne seems to shrink then go away 🙂
    I use to get acne in my eyebrow, god knows why, but now it’s completely
    smooth within these 3 days 😀
    I did two of these methods on here to also speed up the process:

    1. I wiped my face before putting anything on it then I applyed the salt
    and honey, like she said 20-30 minutes.
    2. Before bed I applied the salt and water. I put the salt and water in a
    spray bottle and applied it to a towel and patted the towel on my face, I
    didn’t rub.

    As long as I was awake, I applied more coats of it in case it rubbed or

    I’m trying to dry my face off because my face seems to get too much oil
    rather that how much it needs. Once my ance is gone, I plan to use the
    method of green tea leaves & honey to exofilate my face and apply
    moistrizer 🙂

    Hope this helped!
    btw I know I spelled some things wrong , just too lazy to fix but you know
    what I MEAN XD

  • hfhfd74 says:

    Can we use normal salt!??

  • fullmetal_alyssa says:

    Is iodized salt okey also?

  • Alexis Spears says:

    You are so gorgeous 

  • crashingaviation says:

    Would epsom salt work instead of sea salt?

  • think positive says:

    for the sea salt spray, can i spray it directly on my face? Should I still
    rinse off my face after this or just let it dry and use moisturizer?

  • elldsire says:

    I would like to try this! Thanks for sharing. And you’re so pretty! Love
    your lips!! 

  • lael haseley says:

    Does it have to be sea salt??

  • everything monster high says:

    It doesn’t work

  • Evelina Persson says:

    I have been using sea salt for about a month now, and it is working really
    If you have problem with red acne scars (like me) then sea salt helps
    reduce the redness of those as well!

  • xxLvvx says:

    Wow you’ve changed. But you were obviously always beautiful

  • Jay D says:

    Can u use regular salt? 

  • Debanti Styles says:

    OMG YOUR POMERANIAN!!ADORABLE!!whats hisher name?sorry I’m new here on
    your channel and I just subbed

  • Nicolekage _vg says:

    don’t u use any other products, like cleanser or sth?
    i have a severe acne, redhead cyst acne and whitehead pimple, over my cheek
    and chin. I’ve been suffering several years already and it’s getting
    serious recently.
    is it okay for my skin to use these methods?

  • CaptainPassion says:

    Can u use normal salt

  • wanda Shivers says:

    Thanks pretty Lady

  • Justin Credible says:

    Can u use it when u wake up

  • Jennifer Aguilar says:

    I am so going to try this.

  • Freespirit30338 says:

    I’m going to try the remedies. Thnx. 

  • Zahra M says:

    Do you have to use sea salt?


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