Cure Hormonal Acne – My Story

Hey dolls! You asked if I could do a more in dept video on what I’ve done internally to help my hormonal acne. Here it is. I hope it helps! PLEASE NOTE th…
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24 Responses to Cure Hormonal Acne – My Story

  • Kimh Nguyen says:

    You could treat acne yourself by using organic technique, and you’ll start
    to see the result in only 7 days

  • sara54501 says:

    Can I ask what pill you are on? I already use retin A and I had tried 2
    different birth controls that made my acne worse :(

  • mihaela sidone says:

    Proven to Work Even If You Have Very Severe Acne HEREPA. com 

  • fennellstix says:

    This shits getting annoying. I’ve only had my hormonal acne for a half a
    year. And I’m a male so why the fuck do I gotta put up with this hormonal
    chin acne bullshit??? Gettin real tired of being called “fire-chin” at
    school and not being allowed to punch them in the throat. Someone help
    before I flip lol

  • sss sss says:

    Does that include natural sugers like apples and bananas? 

  • Amy Haworth says:

    Exact OPPOSITE happened to me on birth control. I NEVER had cystic acne
    before Ortho Tri Cyclen. It slowly reduced the number of blemishes I had
    but in turn just gave me a few MASSIVE cystic ones. No thanks. I’ll take
    more tiny pimples that the huge painful scarring ones. As soon as I stopped
    taking it my skin returned to how it was before medication (yes I was on it
    for over a year too).

  • Lucy Dixon says:

    How long after returning on the pill and cutting down in sugar did the acne
    subside ?x 

  • aimezmoi13 says:

    what kind of BCP are you on?

  • Freak Show says:

    Oh hello! Have you heard the talk about – Masket Amazing Acne Cure (google
    it)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my co-worker got great
    results with it.

  • Kelly Lundberg says:

    Birth control is making my acne worse and I can’t change the type I am

  • fennellstix says:

    Btw I just turned 17

  • MakeupbyLacey says:

    This video opened my eyes. I noticed I started getting bad acne on my chin
    that I cannot cure. Though I am on antibiotics and vitamins and natural
    face washes. I am a sugar mouth…..I am going to try to cut out the sugar
    and see what happens. Thank you so much

  • Μέλ Μέλ. says:

    yeah my acne is really bad too. i’ve tried ever creme out there for it but
    never helped. water does a bit though. LOTS of it. i’ve never been able
    to change my diet tho i am a very picky eater; the majority of it being
    dairy & grains like pasta. sugar limiting is a good idea though thank you.

  • sandra dues says:

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  • laulutar says:

    I had really bad hormonal acne for about 1-1½ years after I came off birth
    control 6 years ago. The acne went away once my own hormone levels started
    to go back to normal, but I still have the scarring to prove it. Luckily
    (touch wood), I don’t get many breakouts anymore, but I can definitely see
    the effects of sugar binges on the hyperpigmentation. The scars get really
    quite red and angry looking when I eat too much sugar, so like you, I have
    to limit my intake to keep my face looking decent.

  • Iris H says:

    I’m 18 and I started getting hormonal acne this summer. sigh, it makes me
    feel horrible. I eat a lot of wheat, dairy, and sugar too. I’ve been going
    to the doctor’s and my hormones are slowly getting balanced, my period
    cycle is regulating. Ah, maybe I should switch up my diet. I thought wheat
    bread and greek yogurt was actually good for me 🙁 but it might actually be
    doing me wrong.. what to do!

  • rachelmusoni says:

    @michellecampbell what’s the name of your birth control ?

  • Ana Romero says:

    Hey does the sugar ini fruits effect ones sugar intake? Or is it just like
    candy n other sweet foods????

  • burberrybabie says:

    Have you thought of a hormonal iud (mirena) ?

  • shanna levy says:

    The best acne treatment ever You can try it risk free

  • Sanish Nhemhafuki says:

    My life was formerly wrecked because of acne breakouts for ages. It turned
    so terrible that I made an effort to hide away. I made use of all the
    things I was able to get hold of, nevertheless it failed. Afterward I was
    alerted to the Acne Executioner blog (Google it) and I had eventually
    unearthed something that has worked. I actually like looking at face in the
    mirror for the first time. I’m so happy.

  • dideeRayy says:

    thanks for the helpful video 🙂

  • emilieclarke says:

    No I’ve never tried it before. When I go off birth control I’ll have to
    reanalyze my skin 🙁

  • Mackenzie Green says:

    When you said wheat, dairy and sugar I was like “but those are my favorite


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