Confidence Without Makeup – How I Found Mine With Acne

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  • Barbie Aficionado Katherine says:

    We all love you so much, Miss Cassandra!!

  • MomLuvsAGdolls2 says:

    Loved this video! I agree that God is in conntrol b/c I’m a Christian too
    🙂 I wrote this quote in my Bible but I’m not sure who it’s from: If You
    Worry Pray, if You Pray, Don’t Worry 🙂 I still get acne & I like to say
    I’m 39 & holding LOL so it affects many people as you know. The only good
    thing I know about my acne anyway is that all the oil it produces should
    keep me looking younger than I really am 🙂 

  • paleskinmakeup says:

    Love your videos, and how you are so open and honest with your skin issues.
    You’ve really helped alot of people! :)

  • Sarah McGrath says:

    Beautiful vid cass it means so much! Xx

  • Melanie Murphy says:

    I love you, and this video’s message, so much 🙂 <3 I had a very bad day
    yesterday as I'd been *picking* without realizing! And then we went to the
    cinema etc and I was trying to hide my jaw under a scarf. I wouldn't even
    look the waitress in the eye in the restaurant as I didn't want to draw her
    attention to the scab. But how silly!? I had to shake myself out of it as I
    need to start following my own advice! EVERY day - good day/bad day,
    doesn't matter! I finally did the perfect imperfections tag too, did it
    with my younger sister, and it was so nice to shift the focus from the
    things we don't like to the things we DO like, everyone really does need to
    do that every single day! XXX You look so healthy and beautiful, kisses! <3

  • Elle Is For Living says:

    I have no skin issues and yet don’t go out without make up. If I ever did,
    it would be a ‘duck in/duck out of a store’ type of thing…definitely not
    feeling confident. I need make up to feel my best. I just want to hug you
    when you talk about the things you have gone through. I admire you in
    making this. You are so right that everything that happens gives us
    opportunities and makes us into who we are and brings us to where we are
    at. Sorry for your stress and fear. I hope you are able to face them down
    and realize it will never be as bad as you think and you can definitely
    deal with it (you will never be given more than you can handle). Big hugs
    to you! ♥ Elle

  • bannokelly18 says:

    I cant put my finger on it but something about your voice is so sweet and

  • emily matthews says:

    Does anyone know the email address I could write to her with?



    You said you still have days were you can not look at yourself so my
    question is….are you really confident with your acne or does your
    confidence depend on where you are or who you are around? You have truly
    inspired a lot of people and that’s awesome but there should never be a day
    where you can’t stand to look at yourself because you are one of God’s
    children and who is anyone to judge you other than Him and even He doesn’t
    judge us according to looks. Beauty to me is how you see yourself…not how
    others see you because you don’t live to please others…you live to
    fulfill your purpose in life.

  • Beth Maria says:

    Do you have bacne (acne on your back) I have mild spots on my back but not
    my face :/ do you have any tips on fighting it as summers coming up? Thanks

  • Cassandra Bankson, DiamondsAndHeels14 says:

    Confidence Without Makeup & How I Found Mine With Acne

  • SecretLifeOfaBioNerd says:

    Three words: You. Are. FANTASTICALS!! On camera, in person, inside, and
    out. LOVE THIS! 

  • Desiree Ramirez says:

    You should try going raw vegan! Check bananagirl here in youtube! i changed
    to this frutarian diet and it made wonders on my skin

  • skybee001 says:

    what a great video! it is truly inspiring… i wish i had seen this when i
    was 15 LOL i do know to an extent what you mean though, my acne was never
    bad, but even having mild acne can be extremely debilitating. I believe
    that if i had not felt like an outcast, and been incredibly shy and
    withdrawn, i would not have the empathy and compassion that i have for
    others today. so i am thankful for that!

  • KwniStewart says:

    When I don’t feel confident and worry about other people’s opinion i think
    this: We are all equals, their opinion doesn’t matter more than mine about
    myself. Actually my opinion is worth more than theirs when it comes to who
    I am. Just because they think something doesn’t mean it’s true and also
    they are not smarter or superior, we are all the same so no reason to value
    their judgements more! This really helps Cass! Try it ;)

  • Lotte Witteman says:

    Cassandra <3

    I have been watching your video's for half a year now, and you inspire me
    so much and now to hear that you are Christian! What a coincedence i got
    baptised today 🙂

    I can relate to your story, im allergic to soooo many things that damage my
    skin, and give me acne on my back, neck and face and i found my confidence
    going on a long journey together with God and finding out who i am; and i
    am not acne i am lotte and thanks to your video's i could relate to
    someone, and found out that i wasn't the only one who has to deal with
    this. Never stop encurraging others like this, this mean so much more to
    people than you will ever know!

    Thankyou 10000 times, much love

  • ieva vas says:

    Please do an acne update video x

  • imfreetobeme8 says:

    This was an amazing video…try Mary kay’s Clearproof acne set ..only
    $45.00 + tax …allow me to be your beauty consultant…

  • 545cassie says:


  • CaneloTwilight* says:

    I love youuuu and I’m aaa Boy ♡ … hope you have a meet and greet in Texas
    someday 🙂 i will give youuu the biggest Hug ever ♡ ♡ ♡

  • The Laugh says:

    God had a plan for you. To use your problems to help others and spread

  • Emma says:

    You are beautiful


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