Clarisonic Mia Review (on Acne Prone Skin)

Why you should run, not walk, to pick up a Clarisonic Mia.
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  • Shawmi Billah says:

    Thanks for the detailed review. I have a quick question for you. I also
    have darker olive toned skin and I find that the acne scars linger on
    forever on my face. Did you notice any improvement on your skin in regards
    to that since you have started using Clarisonic? 

  • dreamHIGH94 says:

    i like ur hair!

  • La'Shyra Courtney says:

    pls do an update!!

  • MelodyMF22 says:

    can you do an updated video pleaseeeee :)

  • nkd says:

    Can you (pls ^^) start to make videos? *-*

  • MsVBrown23 says:

    Sonic Cleanse Family member here and I love it. I have a Clarisonic Plus
    and I also have combination, sensitive, acne prone… skin. At first I was
    using the sensitive brush head and I really wanted to switch to the deep
    pore brush head or add it to my routine for my t-zone. But when it was time
    to order a new brush head, I clicked the acne brush head and I LOVE it! My
    face feels so much cleaner and even smoother than it already was. I have
    also noticed less clogged pores.Not buying the DP brush

  • Rachel Rim says:

    try the acne brush for the clarisonic!

  • Destiny Schofield says:

    I love this! Thank you so much for the video !! So helpful

  • themainchannel1 says:

    Wheels more vids!????

  • Igottafeelingism says:

    i can relate so much i love u

  • Arica Kappelmann says:


  • Beauty For Breakfast says:

    I’m looking at reviews of Clarisonic and very intrigued.

  • cortneehoward says:

    Yeah, I actually really like my Clarisonic. Again, definitely a “miracle”
    product but definitely something you need if you plan on starting with a
    clean face.

  • Stodieck says:

    Aw why did you stop making videos? I love to hear you talking and the
    review was great!

  • Destiny Schofield says:

    Does it get rid of acne?

  • Dominique Darcell says:

    Welcome hun! I might have to try this. My face is acne prone as well and it
    seems to clear up and then 3 days later be broken out especially down the
    middle of my face. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • VitaLivesFree says:

    @SgEileen10, you should definitely give it a try. Oil removes makeup so
    well. Just be careful with coconut oil – some people rave about it, other
    people hate it. If it doesn’t work out, just don’t give up and try a
    different oil until you find one that works! 🙂 By the way, I hope this
    new commenting system works.

  • EtherealLove says:


    My story is pretty similar (plus dry, easily dehydrated, sensitive, rosacea
    skin ugh), & I started using expressly OCM several years ago. Actually with
    no water at first (the littlest bit seemed to dry my skin out! Particularly
    hot.). I don’t think I am removing the makeup/dead skin enough, because I’m
    still prone to the things I mentioned as well as some breakouts (on cheeks
    & lower face). I do wear mineral makeup & Badger sunscreen, & think zinc
    can be drying if your skin isn’t properly moisturized.

    I’m afraid to use such little oil like you do because of the
    dryness…Currently I use shea butter (which my skin seems to like) +
    jojoba +emu.

    Did it take an adjustment period for you to go from dry to hydrated skin?
    Or did it respond right away?

    Thanks for any advice!

    P.S. Love your simple, effective videos. :)

  • Esther Keaupunilani says:

    Hi I couldn’t hear what oils you use and how many times a week, because the
    music. Could you please share again I would like to try you method. And
    just curious where do you buy your rose water? Thanks Esther

  • Zooey says:

    You look like younger version of Sarah Jessica parker.

  • Shannon Gestring says:

    Sugar as a scrub creates tiny lacerations on the skin that then let
    bacteria and dirt enter through the small cuts and form blemishes/ pimples
    and blackheads. Olive oil clogs pores as well! Do your research :/

  • pabritova says:

    So how u protect from the sun? 

  • Dizzylemon says:

    I see this vid is a bit old but maybe in the future you should turn down
    the volume of the music after you begin talking. The rhythm is distracting
    from your monologue. Great info though.

  • straitNnarrow2012 says:

    Thanks, I’m going to try the OCM once a week rather than every evening. I
    think the problem I had was doing it too frequently. 

  • sara abdelnaby says:

    Ok I have tons of questions, bare with MEEE. Anyway, I have like soft skin
    from like my cheek area to like the bottom of my face I guess? But the
    problem is my forehead area, it gets flaky in the morning, mainly when I go
    outside and sometimes if the weather is hot, my forehead is sweaty or oily,
    I’m not sure what to call it. I’m like 17 years old and when I asked my mom
    if I should do the oil cleansing method, she said I shouldn’t do it cause
    I’m young and my skin is still at its most youthful peaks. I’m actually
    kind of scared to even try the oil method, I just need something to get rid
    of my flaky forehead thing. It’s annoying and there are like some pimples
    but very unnoticeable! I think it’s just like excess dirt cause I don’t
    really see the pimples, I don’t knoww. But yeah, do I need the oil method
    thing? I heard grape seed oil has side effects and isn’t really helpful,
    don’t wanna use avocado either cause heard it has side effects… Coconut
    oil is very comedogenic… And uhh.. Sunflower oil or safflower oil is
    risky as well due to he unknown side effects and sweet almond oil alone can
    be very clogging to the pores v.v should I use castor oil alone? But yea,
    hope you reply! Thanks!

  • Victoria Cruz says:

    Thank you very much for all this information it heloed alot in knowing the
    causes of my acne which I believe is very crucial to know today is day one
    of a soda free life little by little ill be taking bad things off my diet
    like whole milk nd regular bread and floury snacks I am from mexico and we
    love tortillas its nothing but floir nd lard!!!! I definitely need to stop
    eatn that!!! And I wash my face with regular soap so no more soap ill start
    by cleansing with rose water nd that cloth u mention thank you very much
    for tjis enlightening video!!!!!

  • VitaLivesFree says:

    *How I Got Rid Of My Acne – OCM, Key Mistakes,Tips and Skincare Routine*
    *My Latest Video With Before And After Photos!*

    After suffering with acne for 12 years, I decided to take matters into my
    own hands, and, after many years of research and trial & error, I finally
    came up with the right combination for clear and radiant skin. Without any
    chemicals or expensive products, with just the power of natural healing
    oils and the fragrantly soothing rose water. 

  • Eleonora R says:

    Thank you for making this video,it is so true, food DOES influence your
    skin, I’ve seen it trying to eat less sugar, less milk, only whole bread
    and pasta etc.., and my skin just cleared out itself so, it is so true, I
    really liked your video, keep up the good work :)

  • Victoria Cruz says:

    Hi 🙂 I like you suffer from acne (23 years old!)well I like how your face
    looks its awesome nd so smooth nd glowing I have tried everything for my
    acne and always though I had oily skin that is why i stayed away from oils
    I also have that what you mentioned I sweat like a man! I have shortness of
    breath and anxiety I cant drink a single soda or I break out with lots of
    pimples along my jaw line its horrible I decoded to stop drinking soda for
    a month and i seemed to stop breaking out but like any weak human I went
    back to it even without the soda I still broke out just not as much I would
    like for you to send me your whole skin care products you use and from now
    on no more soda for me or sugars! 

  • Jackimay14 says:

    Oil cleansing has changed my life! i’ve suffered with acne since I was 12
    years old, now almost 30! Finally I have found something that works! I will
    never go back! Great video :)

  • FuriousBaratheon says:

    I heard from other youtubers that this causes your skin to purge? Like it
    would cause you to break out in the first few weeks or so? I’m just
    wondering if this was true before I do this because I have prom in 2 weeks
    and I would hate to break out. Thanks!

  • Annie M Smolkin says:

    I agree with the doctor. I believe that food does not have an influence.
    You don’t want people to think they have terrible acne because of poor
    dietary habits. What about people with bad diet and no acne? it simply is
    not fair


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